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Farina Latif Reviews

Submitted by Violaine Fiset on 03/22/2022

Deeply powerful!

I recently had a reiki/energy healing session with Farina and it was extremely powerful. I wanted to work through my beliefs and challenges around money and she helped me release so much that the day after was the first day I was actually able to talk about my challenge without wanting to cry. I also felt much more at peace when coming to pay for my bills. It was a subtle transformation that changed a lot for me and I'm deeply grateful for Farina's work! I totally recommend her to anyone wanting to bring their energy back into balance! She is such a beautiful soul!

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Farina was so incredibly great! You could feel calming energy radiating just speaking to her

Jessica Eva Marie  recommends Phoenix Holistic Counselling & Reiki.October 14, 2020  · Being a complete beginner to Reiki I had no clue what to expect with my session, but Farina was so incredibly great! You could feel calming energy radiating just speaking to her, and our distance reiki session left me feeling restored, clearer, and more at ease. She explained more about reiki and chakras and really helped introduce these concepts to me! With her help I could really feel the difference from before to after my session, and has definitely inspired me to do more learning and look into future reiki sessions! Thank you Farina!

Submitted by Farina Holistic Counselling And Reiki on 03/01/2021

Amazing reiki chakra balancing session

Arif Shakir recommends Phoenix Holistic Counselling & Reiki. September 24, 2020 · I had an amazing reiki chakra balancing session with her it made me feel so much more better, she's amazing, wonderful person and I would highly recommend ?

Submitted by Farina Holistic Counselling And Reiki on 03/01/2021

Strong Angelic Energy!

Anna Leshchinskiy  recommends Phoenix Holistic Counselling & Reiki.November 18, 2020  · Farina is an angel! It (reiki session) was extremely relaxing, and I was able to feel her strong, angelic energy before we had even started!

Submitted by Farina Holistic Conselling And Reiki on 03/01/2021

I would very much recommend this course to anyone looking to understand stress and learn tools to manage and overcome stress

The first thing I would like to comment on is Farina’s genuine caring and empathy,  which I felt throughout the course (Anxiety and Stress Relief with Reiki) . This helped me feel listened to whenever I had a question to ask, and it help me feel relaxed and at ease for the duration of the course. Because I am not very intellectual, I particularly appreciated that there were a lot of practical exercises and meditations in each course. It helped me stay focused. I particularly enjoyed two exercises: one was the self-hug, which gave me another tool to feel supported when I am feeling anxious. I have used this a few times when I have emotions come following a traumatic situation I experienced. It has helped me feel calmer in these moments of stress.  The other was the exercise where we breathed in anxiety. While this can seem counter-intuitive and it was a little uncomfortable at first, what I really liked about it was that it helped me connect with my authenticity and strength to face and overcome stressful situations. Finally, I looked also enjoyed the meditations and the reiki each class. It helped me feel grounded. I looked forward to the class every week, and I would very much recommend this course to anyone looking to understand stress and learn tools to manage and overcome stress.

Submitted by Salma Ahmad on 03/01/2021

Farina is a gifted healer

I was going to a crisis in my life and I literally needed emergency assistance. She was quick to come to my aid. In addition to her extensive knowledge of the subject matter (of healing anxiety)  she is also a social worker by qualification and training.Farina was also able to connect with me remotely all the way from Vancouver. She held several group (reiki) sessions  over zoom. I was among the participants. From reading the testimonials and comments by other participants I have no doubt that she is the real deal.

Submitted by Waleed Saleh on 03/01/2021

I highly recommend her for counselling and energy healing

Farina is a compassionate and empathetic healer. She truly puts herself in your shoes and meets you where you are at. Her gentle yet effective approach allowed me to be vulnerable. I didn't know how much emotional trauma had affected my life until I met Farina. She helped me understand how my past struggles had been held in my body, mind and soul. After several energy healing sessions I have been able to let go of a lot in my past and I feel revitalized, happy and healthier than ever. She taught me how to process my emotions, how to ground myself and I learned techniques to help me dissolve my cravings and addicitive patterns. She also taught me how to reframe my past struggles to help me come into a place of empowerment.

Submitted by Francois on 03/01/2021

Distant Reiki Session: Cord cutting and blockages removal

I received a 30 min distance reiki healing session which included feedback at the end. Farina was very genuine and kind explaining before hand what was involved. She cut unhelpful cords (attachments) and removed blocks in my body. I felt very relaxed during the session and afterwards experienced a beautiful clearing and sense of peace. I recommend Farina wholeheartedly. Thank you for your gifts.Niomi Lindfors

Submitted by Farina Holistic Counselling And Reiki on 02/11/2021