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Wholistic Guidance with Maximilian Reviews

Submitted by Isabel on 04/14/2022

Compassionate, insightful and genuine.

I had the pleasure of having an apppointment with Maximilian back in the fall of last year. I watched the YouTube video on his website to get an idea of what to expect. What I didn’t expect was how emotional I would get during the process. Maximilian invited me to share my emotional experience only if I felt comfortable and informed me that it was part of the process. I shared, and he was compassionate, insightful and genuine. Sometimes it’s difficult to assess the effectiveness of therapy because the results are not necessary right away but I have to say I felt great that evening after my appointment and I’ve learnt that my lungs and breathing may have a lot to do with my blocked energy. I’ve also since then gotten myself out of a situation that was not serving me that was very difficult to leave. I’m not from Victoria, but when I return I will definitely book another appointment with Maximilian.

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A much needed service at a much needed time.

Maximilian is highly skilled, talented, and deeply passionate about his work. Both myself and my dog Bella Coola have received treatments from him, and have had outstanding results. He is truly an authentic human being and practitioner that provides a much needed service at a much needed time.

Submitted by Ariane on 01/21/2022

Free of judgement, full of compassion.

Maximilian is always available, attentive and caring when the more difficult experiences of life happen. He is more like a friend than a practitioner. My appointments with him are something I greatly look forward to because he doesn’t necessarily tell me what’s wrong, he let's me explore my inner beliefs that may be unhealthy. Through this, he is guiding me to heal by allowing me to face parts of myself that I was reluctant to uncover. The space he has created is free of judgement, full of compassion and positive energy.

Maximilian is such a kind, passionate healer, who I know will go far because he cares so much for others' well-being. He has already helped me so much and I know he will continue to inspire me to find my well-being through energy medicine and caring advice.

Submitted by Jenny on 08/06/2021

A perfect compliment for these very dynamic times.

Maximilian's whole system approach is refreshing. With an open heart and an open mind I found myself able to receive a treasure trove of insights, while also feeling myself being rejuvenated right down to the cellular matrix and beyond. I am grateful for the accessibility of his work. This methodology is a perfect compliment for these very dynamic times.Maximilian has the ability to engage me in a way that helps me broaden my viewpoint and 'connect the dots' to arrive at my own whole-minded and whole-hearted perspectives.

Submitted by Stephan on 04/09/2021

The fourth visit with Maximilian was awesome!

It was amazing to be able to build on previous scans with Maximilian, and to discover even more about changes since the last one. The scan itself is pretty much a "wow' moment, as it zeroes in on things that I was ready to ask about, anyway. It's easy to engage with Max's warm back & forth about the results, and I left feeling I had a plan with goals for the next little while...till the next session. Thanks - I'll be back!

Submitted by Ian Byington on 03/04/2021

Amazing treatments.

Maximilian came into my life at a pivotal time, and in a manner that felt as much like fate as anything I have experienced. Both his amazing treatments and his infectious personality and friendship have made him a mainstay in my life now, and I truly am grateful for this. Thank you for all that you do, Maximilian!

Submitted by Diana on 02/02/2021

Left me feeling blissed out and restored.

Maximilian is one of the most talented healers I've ever met. I went to him with chronic insomnia and he provided me with so much information and so many resources to help, plus he provided me with a bioenergetic healing session that immediately left me feeling blissed out and restored. His ability to hold loving presence and space for whatever you are working with and give keen wisdom and insight is just incredible. Not to mention his space is beautiful, professional and welcoming. Highly recommend.

Submitted by Sara on 11/26/2020

An unlikely intersection between metaphysics and modern technology.

Maximilian has been helping me with both my physical health and my life trajectory which, strangely, seem to be intertwined to some degree. The service he provides is comprised of an unlikely intersection between metaphysics and modern technology. Beyond that, Maximilian seems to genuinely enjoy seeing positive changes happen for those who cross his path.

Submitted by Ryan on 07/29/2020

My favorite thing is to see what the state of each of my chakras is.

I have really enjoyed meeting Maximilian and receiving treatments from him. He's very easy to talk to and a great listener. I always feel calm and at the same time energized after our sessions. As a yoga teacher, my favorite thing is to see what the state of each of my chakras is and uncover if anything is out of balance. I also really appreciate the depth of information you get from each scan about pretty much every aspect of your life.

Submitted by Ida on 06/16/2020

I felt extremely grounded and relaxed.

Maximilian is a very intelligent, compassionate and empathetic practitioner who brings a very passionate energy to what he does. The type of work he is offering is extremely comprehensive and unique. Maximilian does an amazing job to make you feel truly comfortable and his space is really inviting. I found the treatment process itself to be very easy and yet the information that he gives you about yourself is so multi-layered.

He is very intuitive with how he explains the information that he receives from the equipment he is using and really helps you to move forward with the information. When he worked on me with his mat and specific frequency points, I felt extremely grounded and relaxed. He is an amazing practitioner, has so much to offer and I really highly recommend doing a treatment with him!

Submitted by Lex on 03/04/2020

My chronic skin condition is significantly better.

I’m relatively new to bioenergetic healing, which made my first visit to see Maximilian uncharted territory. His knowledge of bioenergetics and our body's ability to heal through energy changed my view completely, in a very positive way. I’m usually pretty stressed and my body was starting to show me I needed a change. After the first session with Maximilian, my chronic skin condition was significantly better and continues to improve with each visit.

Now after each session, my energy levels are up and I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Coming from a western medicine background, my visits to ÆON HEALTH have become a breath of fresh ‘healing energetic air’. Thank you to ÆON HEALTH and Maximilian for introducing me to the amazing healing benefits of bioenergetics and for making me realize that I'm not alone in my struggle to be healthier in both mind, spirit and body.

Submitted by Lisa on 02/05/2020

I feel incredibly balanced and positive after every treatment.

When I first attended with Maximilian for an appointment, I didn’t really know a lot about the services that he offered. However, prior to seeing him I had been having problems with my right eye in that my vision was getting very blurred and there was a white, hazy spot in the middle of my vision. My first visit with Maximilian was very interesting, having the body scan done I found that its readings were very accurate for me for that time. Then I was treated with the miHealth unit and thoroughly enjoyed that experience. The miHealth, which is the PEMF system combined with the TENS system, is pure magic!

The most wonderful thing of all was that about a week after my first visit, I noticed that the vision in my right eye was improving considerably. The white spot in the middle of my vision was disappearing. Every day, my vision improved. I would have to say that my eyesight in my right eye is now almost perfect.

Submitted by Renay on 11/27/2019

Bringing balance and clarity.

I found this method of scanning the body and energy field to be comprehensive, non-invasive, and reassuring. Maximilian is extremely knowledgeable and respectful and has a secure grasp on this system's vast scope and capacity.
The findings from my scan enhanced and completed much of what I have been or am working on physically, emotionally, and psychologically, as well as energetically. The treatment itself is gentle and relaxing, the sensations subtle yet powerful. I recommend ÆON HEALTH for anyone who seeks a comprehensive understanding of themselves and wishes to bring balance and clarity into their lives.

Submitted by Susan on 08/06/2019

A new approach to my health.

During my session with Maximilian, his office space was calm and serene, making me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in. A point of intrigue for me immediately was the initial scanning process. The little machine detects energy disruptions with an astoundingly high level of accuracy. As a foremost logically minded individual, it was fairly straight forward and well explained in a way that I understood. I did like the fact that it has an aspect of both a scientific nature as well as that of a spiritual one. My scan results were more revealing than I had expected. There were direct situations, memories or long forgotten tendencies of my physical and emotional self that were brought to light within the overall scan.

The treatment was not only relaxing, but especially introspective. As I lay on the electric coil mat, it sent a certain deep pulse through me. Instantly, my body fell into slumber and I experienced a full recharge, as if I were some sort of battery.

Submitted by Shilo on 07/08/2019

A tingling engagement at the cellular level.

I highly recommend Maximilian from ÆON HEALTH. His approach is from a genuine place caring about my health; this I rarely experience from other facilitators. His in-depth explanation and intake made me feel very comfortable. When the results were outlined on the software, Maximilian was very thorough with the explanation of all the different components of my energy field results.

The effective treatment he gave me after the identified results was not only relaxing, but I felt a tingling engagement at the cellular level that lasted for sometime afterwards.

Submitted by Soren on 06/17/2019

A beautiful and empowering experience.

This therapeutic modality is very unique and different to other modalities I have tried. It is gentle and non-invasive, and is specific to the area of the body that needs it most. Following a treatment session I usually feel relief in areas of my body that once held tension or blockages, which further allows the energy to flow better through me. It really ties in the importance of looking at the energetic side of healing and how that powerfully impacts our reality.

Working with Maximilian is an enlightening experience. He brings peace, clarity, light, and grounding to his practice. Maximilian is very knowledgeable, diligent, passionate, and intuitive. He is aiding in revolutionizing the way we heal our bodies. I truly value his work and am super grateful for his guidance and inspiration through my healing journey.

Submitted by Andrea on 06/13/2019

Great session!

My first session with Max at AEON exceeded my expectations - the scan found things that I expected it to (which was a great affirmation) and pointed to other areas that need attention, as well as confirming areas of my health that are all right. The review of all that was amazing - Max is very knowledgeable! - and the session to respond to what we found left me energized for the rest of the day. I hope you get a chance to have a session - it's great!

Submitted by Ian on 03/13/2019