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Brian Wark Reviews

Submitted by Julia Day on 06/06/2023

It's great working with Brian!

I have known Brian Wark since 2008 and can honestly attest to his kindness, intelligence, wisdom and sense of humour.  I know him to be a true seeker and early teacher of healing modalities that took him around the world teaching at a time when people hungered for his wisdom.  Now, he is more retired, but with greater compassion, peace and an integrated understanding of how healing really happens.
With thanks, Julia

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A great connection

I have received about 50 energy healing sessions from Brian Wark!  Here are some thoughts about his work:

- He has a very high and deep connection.  It's obvious that he has been anchoring pure octaves of non-polarized vibration for a long time, in fact, more than 40 years, and it is evident by the hallmark of gentleness and clarity which opens through his channel.

- He is very attuned to inner Guidance.  He follows intuitively and is helpful in both his silence and quiet questions.

- I come away feeling clearer, more peaceful, radiant and sometimes in awe of what information has arisen gently and naturally from the matrix of my body/mind.  I particularly like the access that The MetaBrae Process has provided into my unconscious mind.

Submitted by Julia Day on 06/06/2023