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Danielle Labbe Reviews

Submitted by Gemma Health & Wellness on 10/29/2021

A beautiful connection!

Danielle is a kind, sweet and wonderful soul! I felt instantly at ease and comfortable in her presence. She provides gentle and supportive intuitive messages and it is obvious her gifts are many! Danielle offers clear communication from spirit, delivered with grace and kindness. I feel Danielle works from a heart-centered space for the greatest good of all. I highly recommend a reading with Danielle to gain clarity and receive enlightenment for your life and steps forward. Thank you for all you do, Danielle. xo

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Restorative Yoga was amazing!

My wife and I attended Danielle's Restorative Yoga class at Fünketown on Monday and we've signed up for the next 3. I'm still feeling the positive effects from this grounding and healing session and I'm ready for more. It's a great way to unwind from the busy'ness of life! Thank you Danielle!

Submitted by Fünketown - A Sanctuary For Soulful Exploration And Wellness on 11/29/2023

Best Yoga Class. EVER.

Danielle is so well-versed in her teachings, and is so understanding of physical limitations. Im not a very strong person, but I can do Danielle's class because she is able to instruct in a way that I can modify movements.
Thank you, Danielle.

Submitted by Carrie on 05/08/2023

Beautiful Light Work

Danielle is a beautiful soul with an authentic and caring presence. Her light shines bright through her guided and channeled messages of healing. Thank you for everything you do Danielle! Namaste

Submitted by Soul Ascension Healing Arts on 11/12/2021

A lovely experience...

Danielle was clear, easy to understand, and provided a very meaningful experience for me. She connects with people to share her gifts for all the best reasons! Thank you very much, and I appreciated hearing everything you shared with me.

Submitted by Bemer Therapy With Sue Adams on 11/09/2021

Heart-centered intuition

My session with Danielle packed a lot of practical and contemplative information in a short amount of time. She was able to connect to our guides very quickly and interpret messages instantly. She addressed the physical, emotional and spiritual realms, and I really appreciated that approach. What a gift; thank you!

Submitted by Massage With Krystel on 11/03/2021