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Massage & Bodywork with Krystel Harvey Reviews

Submitted by Alex Pym on 02/24/2023

Individual and Couples Massage

Krystel is an amazing and intuitive person. Her touch and desire to heal was felt during our massage, and there is an awareness with her that makes the space safe and welcoming to relax into. 

I’ve had an individual massage with Krystel, but also a couples massage lesson with my partner.

The couples massage lesson was very helpful as it nurtured our ability to support one another with loving hands and awareness. As a guide and mentor for couples, Krystel is finely attuned and deeply caring. 

I highly recommend Krystel’s offerings.

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Massage with Krystel

I have seen several massage therapists, in my lifetime but the best experiences & results I've had, has been with Krystel.

I suffer from fibromyalgia, low back & hip pain. Needless to say my whole body is very tight.

Krystel's extensive knowledge of the body & the many modalities she has acquired over the years, make her capable of catering to each person's individual needs.

When I get up from Krystel's massage table, I feel so relaxed as my muscles & tensions are almost all gone for days.

She is professional, courteous & skilled.

I highly recommend her.


Submitted by Patricia on 02/25/2023

I came for relaxing bodywork - wow!

This was my first time going for a massage, and was pleasantly surprised to find out the wide range of bodywork Krystel offers! It was great - I will definitely be back! Super friendly & informative - she was obviously passionate about her work!

Submitted by Kristina on 12/16/2022

One of the Best!

As a professional massage provider, both my fiance and I have had many massages.
We recently received mobile massages from Krystel, and I had previously had one with Krystel before that.
Krystel's intuitive style, insight, and pressure are on point. We both felt she was very knowledgeable, attentive and professional.
She was able to suit and support what each of our bodies called for at the time, and we both felt we had had a great massage; my second one being even better.
With peaceful music to enjoy while relaxing in her capable hands, we highly recommend Krystel.

Submitted by Kristen Sparks on 03/30/2022

A pure healer

I've only had one session which was gentle, but very powerful and effective. . she can clear things out of you and help you to heal, this is for sure ! I'm very happy to have found Krystal. . . She is very dedicated and delightful.

Submitted by Shawn on 02/08/2022


Krystels body work is like nothing I have experienced before. Its a mix of the remedial treatment my body needs with deep relaxation of cranio sacral. Her healing touch is hard to come by and I would highly reccomend it to anyone and everyone. Its so nourishing!

Submitted by Alex Greenwood on 01/24/2022

Krystel has a calm yet powerful presence.

I have been seeing Krystel for over 3 years for bodywork. She has healing hands & allows me to release physically, mentally & emotionally. Her calm yet powerful presence allows me to instantly feel a sense of ease. Krystel is always upgrading, learning new skills and modalities to offer her clients. If you haven't experienced her unique gifts & massage you are missing out. Deeply grateful our paths have crossed. ~Erin Keir

Submitted by Erin Keir Yoga on 01/18/2022


She is so wonderful and very caring . She has great knowledge and her massages are the best .she knows where to work on everytime .

Submitted by Selena Gatto on 01/04/2022

Massage with Krystel

I am a massage practioner myself. So when I receive a massage I have high expectations. Krystel is a very gifted practioner. Her touch, her pressure and her energetic intention is incredible. The way she navigates my focus areas and her array in modailtys will surley leave you as if you are walking on sunshine. A massage with Krystel is not to missed! I highly recommend.

Submitted by Gema Gamboa on 11/22/2021

Highly skilled intuitive therapist

Krystel focused on my upper back and shoulders after listening to what i needed for the session.
She absolutely set the bar high for any other massage practitioner from now on. Her technique with trigger point holds and breathing, her fluid flow allowed me to fully relax and trust.
I felt so light after her healing hands worked at releasing my tension.
I can't wait to book in again.
Thank you so very much Krystel!
You have a gift!

Submitted by Andrea Durie on 11/22/2021