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Relaxation Of The Soul-Reiki, ThetaHealing®, Crystal Healer, Tuning Fork Practitioner Reviews

Submitted by T Cunningham on 04/30/2022

A Passionate and Lovely Soul

I recently had a Reiki session with Valerie and I highly recommend her services. Valerie is very passionate and such a kind lovely soul. Will be back.

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knowledgeble and caring

Valerie is a very caring practitioner, she has extensive training in many holistic therapies and each treatment draws on everything she knows. Highly recommend!

Submitted by Lori Prophet on 08/26/2021

Invaluable Work!

I asked Valerie if she would attempt to work on my Bouvier puppy with regards to her sensitivities to food. I was totally stumped as to what I could or couldn't feed Nala. It just didn't make sense that every morsel of food that went into her mouth made her react. The back story is that I had lost my son in a motorcycle accident 3 weeks before Nala came to live with us as a 9-week old puppy. Her breeder felt that rather than concentrate on possible allergies, it could be a reaction to the utter shock and incredible grief that I was experiencing. Valerie worked with Nala remotely on and off for a week. Some improvements were notice during that week but it took about a month before I realized one day that Nala's hair was starting to grow back, she wasn't itching herself at all and she was a relaxed young pup again. Thank you so much, Valerie Couture. Your work is invaluable to me and my pups. Thanks for always being there to give us a helping hand.

Submitted by S. Lovas-thompson on 08/15/2021

I Am Excited About Life Again

I went to see Valerie this week for tuning forks healing. What a powerful session! I walked away feeling lighter and today I can really feel a shift in my energy - I am excited about life again. Thank you Valerie for all your special gifts that you share so willingly

Submitted by H. Dougherty on 07/10/2021

A Powerful Healer

Valerie is a powerfully gifted healer, with wonderful energy. I am grateful to have found her, and highly recommend her.

Submitted by Tee Lamour on 05/21/2021

Heal old patterns

I just finished a healing session with Tuning Forks with Valerie. It was great. I feel very relaxed, so much tension was released during the session. She also blended in all of her expertise in different modalities and helped me heal a few very old patterns. I highly recommend a session with Valerie!

Submitted by A Gamblin on 04/04/2021

Talented Therapist

Valerie is a talented therapist- I highly recommend her services. She truly cares and will help her clients through physical and emotional healing processes . If you are in need please reach out. I am certainly pleased that I did!

Submitted by A Gallant on 03/28/2021

Valerie has a lovely energy

Valerie has a lot of skills which she can bring to a session.  I loved the tuning forks and responded quite strongly to some of them.  Valerie was able to guide me through some emotions that surfaced and gave me excellent suggestions for how I can do some self care in the future.  I felt balanced and clear and well connected to my higher self afterwards.  She has lovely energy and I got a lot out of the session.

Submitted by K Smith on 03/16/2021

Valerie helped my dogs!

I  recently contacted Valerie in regards to one of my Newfoundland dogs that  has been having some serious itching problems.  Due to the situations with Covid, and the holiday season, a Veterinary appointment is booked, but I felt something to help in the interim would maybe help him feel better!  Valerie was very helpful, and able to share some information that has definitely helped in calming his itching, and giving him some relief.During our conversation I had commented on my female Newf who has no hesitation getting into a vehicle, but spends the entire journey standing and panting, which definitely eliminates any long trips for her. A couple of days after having Valerie connect with her, I noticed her sitting while we were making a quick trip to town! This situation has been going on for a long time, so I am totally amazed, and thrilled that Valerie was able to give both my dogs some comfort immediately.I am so pleased that Valerie has been able to help all of us, and will not hesitate to call her help !

Submitted by Del Slater on 02/20/2021

A Genuinely Gifted Healer

I was the winner of a recent competition by Valerie and won a ThetaHealing. I had my first session yesterday and what a great experience. Not knowing what to expect I went with an open mind and heart. The experience was amazing and I was genuinely surprised how effective the session was in releasing old conditioning. Valerie is a genuinely gifted healer and made the whole process professional and compassionate .Thank you for the wonderful treatment.

Submitted by Lyn Cardus on 02/25/2020

I felt Lighter and Energized!

My dog Sawyer and I had a theta healing session with Relaxation of the Soul yesterday. It is hard to describe the process, but immediately after I felt lighter, energized and the need to organize....lol. Valerie Couture also worked on Sawyer to clear any of the negative energy he may have felt or, "scary things," he may have heard during a recent surgery he had. While Valerie focused on Sawyer, his eyes immediately became sleepy, and he literally fell over and started to sleep. I don't do this often but I highly recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to start their New Year with a truly clean slate. Also great for dogs :) Thank you again Valerie Couture

Submitted by Jacks Pack on 02/04/2020

Remove Stubborn Blocks

A few weeks back I met with Valerie, founder of Relaxation of the Soul, when the two of us were preparing for the Worthiness meet-up group she invited me to guest speak at. At that time, Valerie gave me a complimentary Theta healing session. Deep sub-conscious work, to move you through any blocks that may have formed throughout your life.

Thank you Valerie, I look forward to each new day with those heavy suitcases finally unpacked. :D. I recommend you see Valerie to make sure any stubborn blocks in the subconscious, have been removed. :) This testing is similar to kinesiology muscle testing and really is a proven method for determining how much release has occurred.

Taking ownership of your life, your past, present and your future, is the only way to move forward. When you have confidence you feel you can conquer the world. :)

Yvette André
Sixth Sense Self Defence Ltd.

Submitted by Yvette André on 01/30/2020

Lovely Powerful Session

I am so grateful to have experienced a Theta healing with Valerie Couture. This was such a lovely and powerful session and I highly recommend Valerie and her work! She is a kind, caring, compassionate guide who made this completely new experience to me a very comfortable one.
Feeling good, thank you Valerie!????

Submitted by Marnie Dangerfield on 12/26/2019

Valerie Radiates Safety

Arriving at my appointment with Valerie I felt completely welcomed, Valerie radiates safety.
I did not believe it was possible for me to achieve rapid healing from life long basic and also weird issues.
Several nights after my session with Valerie I was put through the test.
A polarizing quirk of mine was an extreme fear of the dark. Random but occasionally blocking my personal growth.I was faced with the challenge of sweeping a huge floor with a two foot dry mop in a vaulted room with No light, It was filled with shadows and needy energy pockets with one available crack of hope...a chair propping a door in the hall.I started walking and when the fear came I said out loud go F yourself and plunged forward.I finished my challenge feeling energized and fulfilled.
And understood new things about where my fear was from and said goodbye.
I am free, Thank you Valerie
I got more junk in my yard...can I come back?

Submitted by J White on 11/16/2019

Released of Heavy Burdens

Valerie blessed me with a one on one session that cleared me of some very long standing belief systems that were NOT serving me. Since that clearing I have felt released of heavy burdens and feel I can fly higher and freer everyday without these limiting programs. THANK YOU so much Valerie! You truly have something valuable to share with all of us!

Submitted by J. Knowles on 10/27/2019

Valerie is awesome!

I had my first experience with Valerie, using the healing modality of “Theta Healing”. She was warm, welcoming, and wonderful! I went in with a specific idea of what I wanted to work on, and she was right on par! My session with thorough and enlightening. I left feeling Amazing! She knew exactly what it was I needed, and then some!

I would highly recommend Valerie for her deep intuition and healing abilities. Definitely will see her again, and in fact now have my mum booked in. Thank you so much Valerie, for clearing away my bottom beliefs and bringing such insight. Much love your way!

Submitted by Emma-lea Solvej Hyldig on 10/07/2019

Insightful Professional Healer

Valerie has worked with me a number of times, and the session is always awesome, and sometimes groundbreaking for me. She is an insightful, balanced, and professional healer, and I highly recommend her.

Submitted by Angela Dorsey on 09/06/2019

Loved my treatment!

For the longest time I felt like I was in a cesspool of negative emotions. Valerie, with her wisdom and creator centered healing helped to pull me out of that cesspool. The difference between yesterday and today can only be described as black and white. I feel enthusiasm I have not felt for ages. And she’s got this magical magnetic pad that she turned on during the treatment....my back pain today has been minimal whereas before it was debilitating. I know I will be coming to her again and again for regular treatments.

Submitted by S. Wright on 08/13/2019

Compassionate Healer

I’ve had numerous sessions with Valerie and found her to be a very compassionate, intuitive and skilled healer. She is trained in multiple disciplines and in her healing work with me she combined Reiki, Crystal therapy, and Theta healing for a deep and enriching experience. During our sessions, I was able to feel a incredible sense of calmness and relaxation and felt healing energy throughout my body. Valerie was able to improve my health issues by opening and clearing energies in my body and helping me reconnect with myself. My work with Valerie has been a life changing experience and I highly recommend her as a healer.

Submitted by Gertrude Leapenzoler on 08/05/2019

Kind and Patient

if you are looking for that special moment when life just seems to "fit"...you know when your thoughts and heart are in line with your soul once again, then Valerie can help to guide you there. She was kind and patient and caring and was very easy to talk with. She was gentle in her words, yet confident in every way and made me feel like she truly was invested in me and my journey.

Submitted by Julie Dopierala on 08/05/2019

A lovely soul

Had a ThetaHealing session with this lovely soul. I felt lighter/clearer when we were done. Thanks Valerie for the wonderful session

Submitted by Shari Lillico on 07/04/2019

Great Healing Session

Izzy the Bulldog had major surgery a few weeks ago. Although she recovered nicely from her surgery, she was still a bit sluggish and tender. I took Izzy for a session with Valerie last week to give a helping hand with her healing. My goodness, the difference was incredible. This young dog is feeling like a new dog and has energy plus. Thanks for the helping hand Valerie.

Submitted by Sandi Lovas on 03/14/2019

Amazing Theta Session

I had a amazing session with Valerie last night and look forward to more. She helped relieve issues that have been haunting me for years and gave me a new found insight on myself. Theta healing is a amazing experience if u have underlying issues in your life you just dont know how to deal with. Amazing what 1 session can accomplish I highly recommend getting intouch with valerie and booking a session u wont regret it. ;)

Submitted by Chadalee Taylor Howie on 03/01/2019

Wonderful Healing Options

"The Burnout Solution" Valerie's advertising regarding exhaustion, anxiety and work/life unbalance outlines my situation to a T. The past few months have been tough and I was open to anything that will help get my on the path to healing. My first ThetaHealing session was very interesting and I definitely made some realizations about how I view myself. The session, combined with some Reiki on my painful neck, left me with a very positive outlook on life and looking forward to my next session. Open your mind to alternative sefl-discovery and healing options, meet with Valerie.

Submitted by Trina Legge on 02/18/2019

A Gifted Healer

I had an extraordinarily relaxing reiki session with Valerie followed by a Thetahealing session that both really helped with the cleansing I have been doing. I felt great during and lighter afterwards. Valerie is a gifted healer and practitioner who has a very warm and calming presence and I am very happy to recommend her to others.

Submitted by Marilyn Thorpe on 02/10/2019

Compassionate and patient

Today I had a ThetaHealing session with Valerie over Messenger Chat and it was excellent! Even over the internet, it's possible to connect and heal! So wonderful! Valerie's compassion and patience helped me clear beliefs that I know have been holding me back in some of my relationships. Thank you for your generosity Valerie! You're a talented healer!

Submitted by Sandra Steriling-weicker on 01/02/2019

Generous Heart

Valerie so kindly did a video call with me this morning and we did a lot of work. I have released a whole lot of negative energy. Thank you sweet Valerie, you’re a talented healer with a generous heart ??

Submitted by Heather M. on 12/13/2018

Valerie is truly invested in her clients

I received a lovely ThetaHealing treatment from Valerie last week. She is truly invested in supporting her client's healing and growth.

Submitted by Siobhan Doyle on 12/11/2018


I have had several sessions with Val. She is a very skilled energy worker and I would highly recommend her services!

Submitted by Allison on 12/02/2018

Compassionate and Skilled Healer

I’ve had numerous sessions with Val and found her to be a very compassionate, intuitive and skilled healer. She is trained in multiple disciplines and in her healing work with me she combined Reiki, Crystal therapy, and Theta healing for a deep and enriching experience. During our sessions, I was able to feel a incredible sense of calmness and relaxation and felt healing energy throughout my body. Val was able to improve my health issues by opening and clearing energies in my body and helping me reconnect with myself. My work with Val has been a life changing experience and I highly recommend her as a healer.

Submitted by Aerin Ledrew on 11/22/2018

Overwhelmed and Burnout

I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out with life. Did a session of Theta healing with Valerie. She took me through the process and she was kind, gentle and most all patient with me. Being in my 50s I was surprised to see my childhood issues were still affecting me and how my beliefs were not serving me. I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and felt energized after the session. Thanks Valerie ????

Submitted by Kathleen Lee on 11/17/2018

Valerie is a Safe Haven!

I have had several sessions with Valerie with wonderful results. She is a safe haven where I can relax and heal in a non judgmental environment. I highly recommend her and look forward to our next session.

Submitted by Beate Scharnowski on 11/08/2018

Incredibly gifted healer!

Valerie is an incredibly gifted healer! I had never heard of Theta before, when she offered to help me with my claustrophobia and later my asthma. I have suffered with these debilitating disorders as long as I can remember. As an active individual I have found it very hard to cope with. Not only did Valerie offer me instant remote healing during asthma attacks, but she worked carefully with me to find the causes and release them. I have gone from taking 3 prescriptions a day to no drugs for asthma! I credit Valerie for the great success in this healing and would highly recommend her. I am looking forward to our next session, as it is such a wonderful experience.

Submitted by Bj Jacks on 10/22/2018

Theta Healing is remarkable

The Theta healing work we are doing together is remarkable.

Submitted by Carol Bray Pippard on 10/12/2018

Relaxed and Back in Balance

My recent reiki session with Valerie left me feeling relaxed, centered and in balance. Her lovely and caring personality shines through in the healing work she does. Thank you!

Submitted by Heather Metcalf on 09/16/2018

Valerie is a natural healer

Valerie is a natual healer. What a
gift! We started off with a visit and ended up with a soothing healing session on a shoulder injury. I couldn't believe the relef i felt slowly dissolvjng the pain. I only wish I could take my friend and her healing magic home with me when I leave. Thank you so much Val.

Submitted by Pat Ravenhill on 05/20/2018

Valerie is meant to be an energy healer!

Valerie is meant to be an energy healer and you’ll be able to feel the energy coming from her as she places her hands gently on you. She is a lovely, kind soul with a heart of gold and a genuine passion for Reiki. You will be delighted that you had a treatment from her as I was. Her business is very appropriately named as your soul and body feel incredibly relaxed after the treatment. I swear I almost fell asleep on her table I was so relaxed. Do yourself a favour and gift yourself or someone else with a reiki session with Valerie, your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.

Submitted by Kimba Sparkling on 05/08/2018

Amazing Reiki Experience

Amazing Reiki experience today! Valerie does an outstanding job of making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I’ve been having wrist pain recently and she managed to clear it all up for me today :) .I haven’t felt this relaxed in months!

Submitted by Ashlee Dronfield on 05/08/2018

Wonderful Energy!

Marl Quig reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
Val has a wonderful energy! My session was filled with love and healing. Today I experienced the 'sweet' energy of letting go and the uplifting energy of being refilled! Val is kind and generous of spirit and a strong healer. Highly recommended!

Submitted by Marl Quig on 02/12/2018

Uplifting and Healing Reiki

Allison Taylor Gallant reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
24 mins ·
Valerie has a great Gift and flows Reiki Energy with amazing intuition and grace. My continuing sessions with her have truly been comforting, uplifting and very healing. She pin-pointed my energetic "hot spots" and effectively, guiding the flow of energy for my maximum healing benefit.
Many thanks to you Valerie...

Submitted by Allison Gallant on 02/06/2018

Enjoyed My Treatment

Bonnie Miller reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
January 28 at 9:15pm ·
Valerie does a wonderful job making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed my reiki treatment.

Submitted by Bonnie Miller on 02/04/2018

Very Relaxing

Sue Dronfield reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
January 24 at 5:06pm ·
Had a chance to go to a session on Saturday and found it very relaxing

Submitted by Sue Dronfield on 02/04/2018

Gifted Healer

Lyn Cardus reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
January 23 at 8:14pm ·
Had my first Reiki session with Valerie today. She is a truly gifted healer! Put me completely at ease and very quickly identified the areas that needed rebalancing. Felt wonderful and relaxed at the end of the session will certainly be making return visits :)

Submitted by Lyn Cardus on 02/04/2018

Highly Recommended

Sandi Lovas reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
January 19 at 3:50pm ·
Valerie is not only a skilled Reiki practitioner, she has a wonderful ability to make you feel safe and welcomed. Can't recommend her enough

Submitted by Sandi Lovas on 02/04/2018

I Am Hooked On Reiki

Terri Smith reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
January 19 at 10:10am ·
Valerie has magic hands. Have had a sinus issue going on for months, after one treatment its much better... Didn't know you could fix that Val! A wonderful bonus to a really relaxing treatment. Val is a very caring person. I came out of my treatment very happy.. I'm hooked.

Submitted by Terri Smith on 02/04/2018

Amazing Work

Brenda Jackman reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
January 18 at 7:59pm ·
Valerie’s reiki treatment was excellent!! She takes her time to make sure you are completely comfortable and does amazing work.

Submitted by Brenda Jackman on 02/04/2018

So Relaxing

Daniela Transchel reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
November 10, 2017 ·
I really enjoyed my first Reiki session with Valerie. After a long work day it was exactly what I needed. So relaxing
Looking forward to more sessions.

Submitted by Daniela Transchel on 02/04/2018

Passionate Healer

Liz Feltham reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
December 17, 2017 ·
I have had many sessions with Valerie, and I'm always left feeling relaxed, refreshed, and with an aura of well-being. Valerie is passionate about her work, and about ensuring her clients feel their most relaxed when in her care. Highly recommended!

Submitted by Liz Feltham on 02/04/2018

Session Was Amazing

Marion Will reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
November 12, 2017 ·
Valerie is AMAZING! I went yesterday at 9am for a very stiff and sore shoulder- 24 hours later, I am still pain free and feeling the effects of Reiki! Highly recommended!!!!

Submitted by Marion Will on 02/04/2018

Awesome Session!

Heather Patton reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 star
November 10, 2017 ·
I just want to say how awesome it was to have a Reiki session with Valerie Couture. Last Tuesday my whole back was seized up and well.....my feet always hurt. After a one hour session with Valerie I was relaxed, and feeling awesome. Give her a try Victoria peeps. Your body will thank you.

Submitted by Heather Patton on 02/04/2018

Loved it!

Thank you for a relaxing session. I loved it!
Kathy Sutton reviewed Relaxation of the Soul — 5 stars

Submitted by Kathy Sutton on 02/04/2018

Warm & caring....

Valerie is so good at what she does! She runs a professional operation with a caring & warm atmosphere - and the treatments she offers are soothing, healing & relaxing. If you get a chance, make an appointment today with her! You'll be glad you did!

Submitted by Brother Ian on 01/18/2018