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The Cosmic Messenger

Victoria British Columbia V8R 2K2

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"Unlocking Your Multiverse"

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The Cosmic Messenger
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@ U Retreat :: 1500 Haultain St
Victoria, British Columbia, V8R 2K2
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Monday - Sat: 11-7pm
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e-transfer, credit, debit & cash
Lightbody Technician
Reiki Master-Teacher
Tameana Practitioner

About The Cosmic Messenger

Derek Pennett 

The Cosmic Messenger 
'Lightbody Technician, Metaphysical Activator, Reiki Master Teacher'

*Unlocking Your Multiverse - Invest In Your Soul - Multidimensional Full Spectrum Healing - Central Heart Focused*

Reiki Certification Courses & Advanced Revisitation Classes

1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree

Reiki 1st-2nd-3rd Degree (A&B) In-Person Certification Training Courses: Teachings of The Usui System of Natural Healing & how to administer-channel-be a divine vehicle for Universal Life Force Energy. During all 3 Degrees the student receives the sacred attunements which connect you to the Reiki Source & prepares the body to hold an increased amount Universal Life Force Energy + to work with/decode the Reiki symbols. This interstellar healing modality is with you for this lifetime & will set you up to become a Reiki practitioner upon completion of all 3 Degrees. 

*If you complete all 3 Degrees & create/teach all 3 courses then you qualify to be a Reiki Master/Teacher.

1st Degree ($444): Main focus is learning the Reiki hand positions, the mechanics/working with of universal life force energy, how to give treatments on yourself & others, history of Reiki, 4 sacred attunements, certificate. *1 Day (8hrs) + Homework

2nd Degree ($555): Use of the 3 Reiki Symbols, cleansing/programming crystals, distance healing, holography & the holography universe, 2 sacred Reiki attunements, treatments on animals, pendulum work, certificate. *1 Day (8hrs) + Homework

3rd Degree (A&B) ($666): 1 additional Reiki Symbol/use, 2 sacred Reiki attunements, how to give attunements, aura scanning, higher-self, lightbody, galactic cord, merkaba, breath of fire, etheric double, how to set up a healing space, the realms of multi-dimensional awakenings, 3 - 30mins distance healings sessions (the week before training) from myself, certificate & so much more. *2 Days (6hrs Each) + Homework

$1444 for all 3 Degrees, if purchased in advance, all at once!

Reiki 1st/2nd/3rd Degree Booster Packs (2hrs, $255 each), Ultra Intensives focusing on advanced Reiki techniques or dive deep to review anything in your training or tune ups or you pick the Reiki subject-focus we will be working on.

Advanced-Revisitation of Reiki 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree Classes

'Available Online (Live) Or In-Person'

Advanced-Revisitation of Reiki 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree Classes are stellar way for Reiki practitioners, Reiki Master Teachers & those who use Reiki as their spiritual practice to take this modality to an elevated frequency. If anyone has had distorted, incomplete trainings/attunements this is the perfect opportunity to mend the loose ends & get some deeper advanced sacred medicines into your practice.

If you completed any of the 3 Reiki Degrees (prerequisite) & are ready to dive deeper into your practice you will receive: total full spectrum revisions (including a copy of the handouts), advanced techniques + higher octave multidimensional teachings, reiki attunement tune ups, elevated mechanics on how to work with Universal Life Force Energy (+ its galactic properties) & receive private 1 on 1 teachings (you have me solo for the entire course). To top it all off, 1 week before each class send me a list of what you want to focus on & I will integrate the top selections into the class. Reiki 3rd Degree (only) - receive a copy of a high octave energy healing book.

We will make sure that you get some interstellar time, to accelerate further into the multi-dimensional realms, supremely refine your craft, elevate your knowledge into the finer vortex of the mechanics of Universal Life Force Energy & the next octave of offering Reiki treatments.

{Each Avanced-Revisitation Degree comes with a new certificate, to document that you completed the advanced course}

*Dates for Reiki trainings are booked 'on-going basis' so please reach out & we will look at our schedules to create the perfect quantum time that works for both of us*

**1st Degree ($666, 1 Day - 8hrs), 2nd Degree ($777, 1 Day - 8hrs), 3rd Degree ($888, 2 Days - 6hrs Each)**

~ Advanced Revisitation Classes: you can only sign up for the degree(s) that you are currently certified in ~

ie: Reiki 1st Degree = access to Advanced Reiki 1st Degree ect.


Starseed Treatments, Sessions & Activations

Multidimensional Reiki, Theta Wave Reiki or Aura Scanning Treatments 

(1hr 45mins, $222 each, Aura Scanning 1.5hrs $188  *In-Person or Long Distance*

Tameana Crystal Healing (Foundational/Antahkarana) or Tameana Universal Hexagram Sessions

 (1hr 30mins, $188 each, Antahkarana $255  2hrs) Ancient Mix of Star Beings Modality  *In-Person or Long Distance*

Reiki Duo (+)  Full Spectrum Treatment 
(1hr 30mins, $333) 2 galactic practitioners at the same time, includes audio recording of treatment.  *In-Person or Long Distance*

Spirit-Metaphysical or Exit The Matrix Guidance Chats 
(2hrs, $255) Decode a metaphysical topic(s) of your choice, spiritual multidimensional guidance-wisdom or how to see/navigate the overload of information about the corruption on Earth in regards to the deep state everything. *In-Person or Online Video Chats*

Hua Tuo Jiaji 'Tuning Forks For The Stellar Spine' 

(1hr, $155) Planetary attuned tuning forks for the entire spinal column. Each vertebrae is activated as it passes very slowly down then back up the spine.


High-Octave Packages:

'Axiatonal Illumination Sequence'  $555

Includes 3 sessions: Tameana Foundational (1hr 30mins)

Tameana Antahtakrana (2hr) & Universal Hexagram (1hr 30mins)

'The Photonic Plasma Recalibrator' $555
Includes 3 treatments: Theta Wave Reiki (1hr 45mins)

Multidimensional Reiki (1hr 45mins) & Aura Scanning (1.5hrs)

*In-Person or Long Distance*
**Sessions are booked for a 3 week cycle (1 per week) or

 flexible depending on our schedules/individual needs of the clients**

Advanced Lightworker Amplification

Pleiadian Star Code Session
This advanced protocol is primarily for Starseed, Luminaries, Lightworkers, beings who are deep into their ascension process or have experienced many sessions working with me & are ready to accelerate their metaphysical realms for total metamorphosis. 

~ $188, 1hr 30mins ~

~ Add On: session starts with a 30min Guided Meditation-Activation (Harmonic Alignment For Connecting Into The Field Of The Multidimensional Self) $255, 2hrs ~

(full payment in advance) thecosmicmessenger33@gmail.com (for more information/bookings)
*In-person or (distance) online*

‘Interstellar Spa Intensive’
Sat & Sun :: 11 hrs Of Lightcodes & Etheric Frequencies :: @ The Star Temple :: In-Person Only
:: 12 Stages Of The Lightbody Codex ::
Solar Year Omega Intensive :: 12 months :: 12 sessions :: 2hrs each
+ Advanced Metaphysical Practices Between Sessions
*In-Person or Distance*

Multiwave Mat Session

The session includes:

-5 divine crystals covering the entire mat (quartz, amethyst, jade, obsidian, tourmaline)

-Far infrared therapeutic rays  :: PEMF (pulse electromagnetic modulation frequencies)

-Very high dose of negative ions :: copper coiling to balance the invasive electrical currents

-Includes time to settle into the space + you get the The Star Temple treatment room all to yourself!


Are you feeling tired or lethargic?

Do you have physical pain or discomforts?

Experiencing inflammation or tension?

Muscle twitching or anxiety?

Disconnection from spirit?

Excessive mental chatter or stress?

Distorted patterns?

Problems with blood flow?

Nervous system damage or overloaded?

Want to illuminate the 3rd eye?


This is only scratches the surface of what this amazing metaphysical tool can do for you. Come lay on the mat/treatment table, enjoy some relaxing-powerful metaphysical music, recharge the stellar master batteries & experience much deserved yin time, so we can return to zero-point field for total re-centering + galactic regeneration!

1hr :: $111 (each) :: thecosmicmessenger33@gmail.com (more information/bookings)

*In-Person :: Victoria, BC (only)*


~ 1st time clients receive 22% off their 1st (1 on 1) solo session ~

:: Call in for a Free 30mins Curiosity Chat ::

Please visit my sacred website: https://linktr.ee/thecosmicmessenger for more information or thecosmicmessenger33@gmail.com

: : Did you know? : :

All of my vibrational healing sessions-treatments come with a follow up email detailing all of the sacred medicines, insights, downloads that took place during our quantum time together & some moments at the end of each session to talk about what transpired-decode some of the messages.

~ The effects of all my harmonic vibrational sessions last far beyond regular treatments. I host (co-create) a high level of universal life force energy through my being (multidimensional field coupling), you may feel the majestic activations-effects last for 4-6 weeks post sessions (some cases longer)

~ The Star Temple is (treatment room) is EMF protected using a Quantum Nano Layer 5G Bio-Shield. The treatment table features a multi-wave far infrared mat/PEMF Cycles/5-crystals infused/produces ultra-high amounts of negative ions & has copper coils for rebalancing the current & I offer Reverse-Osmosis Rose Quartz enhanced water to all of my clients for in person sessions ~

Thanks for visiting my page & I look forward to working with you!
*Born in 1981 :: Active in my practice since 2016*

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The Cosmic Messenger Reviews

Submitted by The Cosmic Messenger on Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022

Testimonial - Multidimensional Reiki Session

I recently had the privilege of receiving a Galactic Activation session from Derek Pennett. Never have I met anyone who is so highly attuned to otherworldly beings and who speaks my language. There are so few who have this level of experience and depth of knowledge. If you have ever wondered about what is going on with you spiritually or who those beings that show up are, Derek will educate you without hesitation. He offers incredible information, confirmation, and validation regarding your experiences. I am delighted. I have clarity and am even more deeply committed to the path that beckons me. The session included a plethora of healing modalities to assist with the process. What did I like best about it? Everything! Will I go back? Already booked in. During these times, there has never been a greater need for us to do the work. Now is the time. Deep gratitude to you, Derek, for being the bearer of light on my path. Blessings, M.F.

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2950 Douglas St #550, Victoria, BC V8T 4N4, Canada

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All 1st time clients receive 22% off their first (1 on 1) treatment (excluding Reiki Duo+)

Did you know?All 1st time clients, receive 22% off their first (1 on 1) solo session (excluding Reiki Duo+ & packages). thecosmicmessenger33@gmail.com...

2950 Douglas St #550, Victoria, BC V8T 4N4, Canada

Unlocking The Plasmatic Inner Blueprints Of The 12-Dimensional Axis Gridwork (Meditation-Activation)

(Track 3) From 'New Gaia Majestic Meditations - Activations Album'***Free to stream/listen (33 mins) or purchase...

Victoria, BC, Canada

Harmonic Alignment For Connecting Into The Field Of Our Multi-Dimensional Self (Meditation-Activation)

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Victoria, BC, Canada

Illumination Of The Lightbody (Meditation-Activation)

(Track 1) From 'New Gaia Majestic Meditations - Activations Album'***Free to stream/listen (27mins) or purchase...

Victoria, BC, Canada

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Multidimensional Reiki Certification Training, Advanced Revisitation Classes & Reiki Booster Packs

For the full layout & information about what is included with each certification class: Visit my sacred website: https://linktr.ee/thecosmicmessengerRegistration...

The Cosmic Messenger Products

Metamorphosis Oracle Activation & Empowerment Deck :: Ultra Premium Oracle

~ Photonic Light Publications ~2500hrs & 2.5 years of divine work...For the cost of an average single session :: $222...

Print on demand online shop: https://https://makeplayingcards.com/sell/thecosmicmessenger-oracle-deck

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Metaphysical - Electronica Ascension Albums

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Take a look inside a 5D healing space 'The Star Temple'

Lets get you booked in for a transformational healing session: https://linktr.ee/thecosmicmessenger     ...

Posted By The Cosmic Messenger on 11/23/2022

550-2950 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8T 4N4, Canada