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Angel Wing Readings with Jane Reviews

Submitted by Ariel Jones on 03/19/2019

Jane is for real!

I had a really genuine, informative and helpful session with Jane.
Not only is she a kind and caring person, but her gift is truly unique.
She helped me sort out so many questions and confusions by interacting with my guides. I hope to be able to work together for years to come.

If you are looking for some guidance I highly recommend Jane!

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We immediately healed a great deal and saw a clear way forward in our life.

My wife and I had an Angel reading with Lady Jane and it was a profound experience!

She greeted us with kindness and appropriate professional boundaries that made us feel cared for and safe. Her angelic, intuitive observations were remarkably accurate and confirmed things we knew to be true and also clarified things that we had not understood about ourselves, our relationship, our health and our life in general.

We immediately healed a great deal and saw a clear way forward in our life. She gave us a few simple exercises to do that will clear toxic energy from our auras and from our home. Our reading from her was a gift that we will treasure. We highly recommend Jane as an accurate, professional intuitive.”

Submitted by Steven on 05/30/2023

Lady Jane is a Gift...

Lady Jane is a gift to those who seek a greater understanding of the life they are living and the answers to the many mysteries it holds. Her gentle presence, easy laugh and laser keen perception forged by her amazing life story is your assurance that you are in for an unparalleled experience when you have her as your guide.

Submitted by Michael J. on 01/06/2023

True Mediums are Hard to Find

Jane is probably the best psychic medium I know in Canada. Top tier, highly accurate and eye-opening readings are what she delivers to her clients. She carries a lot of medicine as well and interacting with her can be healing.

Everyone should read with her to know how it feels to interact with a genuine psychic medium. It is a unique experience and very different from other vague readings I have had.

Folks, as gifted as Jane is, true mediums are hard to find in this world. She is full of light, very attuned to Spirit and her responses are detailed, specific and deep. She is also professional and empathetic. Read with her and you will see what I mean!

Submitted by Sharlene Mohammad on 10/03/2022

Our Humble Prayers to you...

When our life was in complete chaos, your call and messages from our daughter gave us the much needed solace and comfort we were seeking. I have no words to Thank you. You were a guru there showing us the path and guiding us.

Our humble pranams to you. We honestly pray to god that all those who are in grief get someone like you to lift their lives.

Om shri gurubhyo namaha

Submitted by Bharathi And Prasanna, India on 07/20/2022

Very Powerful!!

My time with Jane was amazing! We really has honed her gift and is able to give clear, prompt responses to my questions and wondering. I really appreciated her ability to tune into my loved ones and let me know how they are doing, including my dog lol! Love it, very powerful! Thank you Jane

Submitted by Laurel on 07/20/2022

Thanks Jane!

I love the flexibility to ask questions and i love love the metaphors my spirit guides give me (via Jane) to understand the messages they have for me. I am lighter and back on my path with confidence. Thanks Jane!

Submitted by Aileen on 07/20/2022

Thank you so much, Jane

The information I received from Jane was felt very comforting and helpful. She made me feel the assurance I needed to keep walking my path. We laughed too! Thank you so much Jane

Submitted by Jose Ramos, Massachusetts, Usa on 07/20/2022

Best Reader I've Ever Been Too!

Jane is the best reader I have ever been too. She is amazingly accurate and such a pleasure to talk to. I highly recommend her!

Submitted by Lindsay on 07/20/2022

Her abilities are extraordinary!

My Angel Reading with Jane was beautiful, moving and amusing! So many details about my loved one who passed were revealed. Her abilities to see, hear and feel the information being channeled are extraordinary! She is so genuine and warm, Don't hold back, ask all your questions! I loved this experience, will be experiencing Angel Wing Readings again!

Submitted by Liza Evans, Iowa, Usa on 04/25/2022

Jane is a blessing!

Jane is a joy and a blessing to spend time with. She is caring and considerate. I highly recommend spending time with her as she brings light and clarity.

Submitted by Irene Chambers, Campbell River on 04/17/2022

Jane is kind and insightful.

I really enjoyed talking to Jane. She was very kind and insightful. I learned a lot and confirmed many of my suspicions. Jane is really easy to talk to and also very empathetic.

Submitted by Pete Karlsten, Usa on 04/17/2022

She told me things she could never have known!

It was so nice meeting to and talking with Jane! I was very nervous beforehand, as I usually am with new people and situations, but Jane made me feel totally comfortable and was so easy to talk to...it felt like I had known her for years! She has a true gift. Having never met her, she told me things that she couldn't have known, so I know she was in touch with my angels/guides who obviously know me well and gave sound advice. She even said things that made me laugh. The whole conversation/session was very enjoyable and beneficial!

Submitted by Tammie Fabien, Spokane, Wa on 04/17/2022

She is Truly the Real Deal!

I just finished my reading with Jane. This is the second time I have worked with her because when I'm finished with our call, its like speaking to a trusted friend, but one who actually has the extra gift of a higher insight and guidance for you on all subjects, especially sensitive ones like health & personal issues that can be otherwise frightening. Jane has such a beautiful, calming, confident reassurance about addressing these concerns, but in a humble, honest, yet down to earth manner, not to just appease you but with suggestions and insight that encourage you and give you hope. And we ALL need more hope. And her respectful, yet warm funny sense of humor make you want to never hang up...lol. She is very unique in her descriptions and answers to your questions - she truly is the REAL DEAL, and anyone who works with her will feel that instantly. I highly recommend working with her if you are looking for guidance & support. I just love her and look forward to our next session.

Submitted by Mary Barney on 03/10/2022

So Empowering!

"Jane is an amazing channel! I left our session feeling so empowered and with direction for my journey. She is a kindred spirit for sure! So much love!"

Submitted by Marla Torres on 03/10/2022

Jane was a Blast to Work With!

Jane was a blast to work with! I have such a good time just talking to her, it was like calling a friend you haven't seen/spoken to in years. Her insights and guidance were spot on and delivered in a manner that was lighthearted but grounded and reassuring at the same time. It was such a pleasure to meet her and I would recommend her to everyone :) Thank You Jane!!!

Submitted by Kate B on 03/10/2022

Jane is Very Good!

I really enjoyed my session with Jane. She tapped into my energy right away and helped me to clarify a lot of things that have been happening in my life. It was a fun session, full of laughter and sharing each others' light. Jane is very good at what she does.

Submitted by Heidi on 01/30/2022


Wow! My reading with Jane left me feeling calm; I’m smiling more and laughing. Jane’s empathy and deep intuitive knowing of what I’m currently dealing with helped me feel seen and heard. The messages she received for me resonated deeply. My faith and belief in myself has been renewed. And being able to feel, in her presence, the love showering me from my loved ones, angels and guides was so awesome! I will definitely be back for another reading with Jane.

Submitted by Joyce Young on 01/30/2022

What a Beautiful Session!

What a beautiful session Jane. From the moment we connected, which in itself was so seamless with the technology, I could feel your light, loving, presence and a feeling of being welcomed into this Angelic connection. All the messages that had burst forth for me that you had received even prior to our actual session time were so incredibly resonant, and delightfully surprising at the same time. The phrases you used were exactly on point as ones I had used in describing myself. This session felt like such an honouring of my gifts and how I am here to serve. By the end of the session my wings were ready and I flew off into my day with such lightness. With so much gratitude to you Jane. What a blessing you are to the world.

Submitted by Debbie Mckenzie, Australia on 01/30/2022

A Session with Fun and Lightness!

One element that gets lost in the spiritual world all too often is FUN/LIGHTNESS... From the first few moments we started, there was a lightness - it reminded me of the saying "angels can fly because they take themselves lightly"... and we did fly/connect in the reading. I told a friend afterwards that BEING with you during the reading was like sitting/talking with a dear friend that I haven't seen in a while.

So, once again, thank you - any may your LIGHT and BEING continue to bless the world.

Submitted by Kevin Foley, New York, United States Of America on 09/20/2021

I want to THANK YOU for a fabulous session...

I have had many powerful/informative readings over the past forty plus years - our session today was one of the BEST that I have ever had. The timeliness and the clarity of the messages coming through touched my heart, my soul and my LIFE. Your PRESENCE/BEING, your humility and your humanness, coupled with your clear/open connection to the SPIRIT world made for a most informative reading. You create a space that allows a clarity, a simplicity and a lightness to the "messages" that come through you to be "heard loud and clear"....and with ease, grace and LOVE.

Submitted by Kevin Foley , New York, United States Of America on 09/20/2021

A Truly Memorable and Valuable Experience!

"The Reading given to me by the lovely Jane Dance was stimulating, exciting, synchronous, revealing, fascinating, focusing, enlightening, uplifting and a sheer Joy !
Jane had clearly spent a long time, prior to the Reading, asking her Guides for information and writing out copious notes in preparation, and I felt, strongly, that she had gone to great lengths in ensuring that I received the best possible value from my experience.
A truly memorable and valuable experience it was, too !
I hereby recommend anyone reading this testimonial to book a Session with Jane without any hesitation !
You will NOT be other than delighted with the result.
Jane is energetic, honest, kind, a delight to be with, and in fact just fabulous, and, quite simply, hugely gifted. No mistake !"

Submitted by Pauli Murphy, England on 10/27/2020

Jane has a Deeply Spiritual Energy

I met Jane Dance after a chance view of a heartfelt testimonial written by my beloved teacher of success, Debra Poneman. She said that after meeting many psychic practitioners, Jane’s gift is ‘the real thing’. Everything that Jane brought up in my angel reading resonated deeply to my life; the insights she gave was accurate and tremendously helpful. She has a deeply spiritual energy, is easily approachable, kind, and quite generous. I wished to know about specific matters, and Jane welcomed all my queries most graciously. This was not my first psychic reading, and I fully agree with my teacher about Jane. So grateful that my past, present and future has greater meaning after veils were lifted. I have better clarity. My heartfelt appreciation to Jane at Angel Wings Readings.

Susan Borum
San Diego, California

Submitted by Susan Borum on 10/27/2020

Jane's Biggest Premonition Came True!

"Jane is the real deal. I wouldn’t say I’m “skeptic” of psychics because I do 100% believe in psychics but I have never found one to be accurate until I met Jane. All of Jane’s premonitions have come true since I started talking to her in the beginning of February.

Her biggest premonition to come true was the due date of my baby. The doctors and my reiki practitioner kept telling me my baby was going to come weeks earlier than my due date which was making me nervous because I wasn’t prepared. My due date was 3/25.

I asked Jane when she saw my baby coming and she predicated 4/1-4/3. She said spirit saw April to be a better month than March. I trust Jane but didn’t really believe I would go that far past my due date...well my baby was born 4/3 just as Jane had predicted!! She is the real deal!!"

Submitted by Courtney Grater on 04/16/2020

"Jane offers us Wisdom and Awareness"

"Jane’s gifts offer us the wisdom and awareness from our personal guides and angels who remind us that we are cherished, loved and supported in our journey in life.

I recommend her as she is able to assist in bringing healing information and guidance for our spiritual awakening, finding our true purpose and helping us through life’s adversities. "

Submitted by Tarra Judson Stariell, Lmft Author: Sanity Lost & Found: A True Story Of Brainwashing And Recovery Http://www.sanitylostandfound.com/ on 01/28/2020

Jane came Highly Recommended from One of my Guests!

"I have had many sessions and readings over the past 5 years with my guests, as host of Soul Talk.

Jane came highly recommended from one of my guests that I have the highest regard for.

Jane's reading was far more expansive, reaching into realms that had never before been brought to light. Meaning she is working in a higher frequency to be able to access these realms. So far, she has been spot on with what has manifested.

I highly recommend Jane to up level and fine tune what is coming in for you."

Submitted by Patty Malek Host Of Soul Talk, California, Usa, Https://www.soullifetimes.com/ on 01/28/2020

"Jane is one of the best readers I have ever had!"

“Wow! The reading that Jane did for me was right on! The messages that she delivered to me from my spirit guides and angels were exactly what I needed to hear. It was as if they knew the issue for which I was seeking guidance. How relieved I was to receive the advice that they sent via Jane!

I was also very impressed with the descriptions that Jane gave me of my loved ones who have passed over. I have no doubt that she connected with them.

I have had many readings by renowned psychic mediums and I truly believe that Jane is one of the best that I have ever had. I salute her on her skills as a reader, and on the warmth and love that she radiates.”

Submitted by Jacqueline Mcneil Watts, Charlotte, Nc, Teacher/published Author Of: Spirit Answers (a Primer To Understanding Spiritual Growth), And Glimpses Of A Life on 01/22/2020

"Talk about seriously gifted!"

" Jane picked up hard facts and outcomes I never disclosed to her. Her abilities are multi-layered and she zeroes into the mundane as well as the higher spiritual influences and information. No guesswork and vague information here. Real facts and sharp insights.

I have read with sensitives and psychics from many places, including the world famous Hans Christian King and Jane ranks up there with him. Sensitives of this caliber are hard to find and usually charge very high fees for their services. I feel fortunate to connect with her. Anyone wanting to interact with a really gifted psychic should read with her. You will see what I mean. "

Submitted by C.a. Wilhite on 12/05/2019

Jane is one of the most outstanding psychic mediums in Canada!

Jane is one of the most outstanding psychic mediums in Canada. I say this without reservation. Her readings have a depth and breadth of truth that one seldom experiences, even when reading with other gifted sensitives. Her Guides have a laser-sharp focus to pierce the unknown dimensions of a situation to see the bigger picture of any challenge or circumstances. Jane delivers the facts with a phenomenal degree of accuracy.

Her sessions cost a little more than average but her insights are priceless and life changing. In fact one reading from her can provide more valuable information than you will get from dozens of 'average' readings from others. In addition, her messages have a numinous feel to them that are uplifting and inspiring.

Submitted by Carol Ann S, Ontario, Canada on 10/24/2019

I always come away fired up to learn more!

I've had a few readings with Jane so far & love the way they leave me on new paths - some of research, some of inspiration, some of inquiry into self. Always I come away fired up to learn more, and I'm grateful for her being there for that.

Submitted by Ian Byington on 10/11/2019

Jane is a pure conduit for the Spirit World.

"Jane emanates grace, peace and tenderheartedness. Just being in her presence is like a warm bath for the soul. I have had two readings to date and have received deeply healing messages from my late husband that have not only put past questions to rest but have set me on the right path for my future. I was experiencing anxiety and a crisis of self, not knowing quite how to pick up the pieces from my loss and move forward, but I now see the way forward with a new clarity. Jane is a pure conduit for the spirit world to communicate through, and I encourage anyone looking for peace and clarity in their lives to experience a reading with this beautiful, beautiful soul."

Submitted by Annabel, Sidney, Bc on 09/11/2019

Psychic Mediums of this Caliber are Rare!

Psychic mediums of this caliber are rare in my experience and I have read with many across the world. Jane just delivered the most accurate animal reading I ever received! A pet cat belonging to a friend, in the States, had gone missing for 12 days. We all thought the worse but Jane's Guides indicated differently. Jane assured us that the cat was very much alive and had been taken by a woman with mental health issues. Her Guides kept hearing, "guilty conscience" and were certain that the cat would be back home within 7 days. A few days later, a mentally disturbed woman came to my friend's home and confessed that she had taken the cat. She cried with guilt when she saw his photo and revealed she felt bad and had taken him to a shelter. The cat was found safe although the shelter had scheduled to have him euthanized! Jane was spot on!

Submitted by Carol Ann. Ontario on 09/11/2019

Incredible Reading with Specific Details

Jane read photos of two of my dogs and gave me details with astounding accuracy, including details that she could not possibly have known beforehand. I am recommending Jane to everyone I know. Jane has such a gentle and respectful way with animals that all of us can benefit from learning.

Submitted by Marilyn Thorpe on 07/09/2019

I love clarity granting Jane!

Jane is a talented Clairvoyant Medium who will make any client comfortable. She is simply a pleasure to be around. A session with her means a good conversation and deep learning on top of the powerful guidance she provides. Her channelings are as clear as the clear quartz point she always has close. She spoke to her guides and mine to get answers to questions I couldn’t “see” because I was too close to the situation. She gives you a birds eye view of your life. I highly recommend her if you’re feeling “stuck”. It will be a very enlightening session!
-Brenna Fletcher Reiki Master, RMT, C.MI, CPCP

Submitted by Brenna Reiki Master on 06/26/2019

Synchronicity and Magical People!

Jane is a sensitive and intuitive individual. One day when I was reading the book “Synchronicity” by Carl Jung, a friend sent me a text about a book that I should read, to help with my health. That evening when I attended Jane’s psychic development workshop, she gifted me with the same book “Thyroid Healing”. This is no coincidence! This is synchronicity and I find this happens when I am in presence of magical people. Jane came into my life for a reason and I am grateful for her. I am looking forward to the next class :)

Submitted by Maria Peronino, Lunar Maria Arts on 06/05/2019

Insightful reading!

Loved Jane's reading, which helped clarify issues I was unclear about - how awesome is that?! Very in tune, insightful and kind - I look forward to reaching out again to Jane when her wisdom will help me move forward. Thank you, Jane:)

Submitted by Monica on 06/04/2019

I now feel really confident about my intuition and abilities!

"I loved Jane's Psychic Development Awareness Program! It was amazing! It was so good just gaining insight into myself and my intuition as well as learning to really trust my gut."

Submitted by Sheila Morrison on 04/29/2019

Jane is undoubtedly the real deal!!!

Jane is truly gifted! She came to do a reading for my mother, as I was there she picked up on amazing stuff about myself! She knew things no one else could know. She knew so many things about my mother that blew her mind & even asked my mother "Who is Rebecca"? (A friend of my mother's that had died when I was a teenager that even I didn't know about!) She described in detail not only my mother's fiancé who had passed away over 35 years ago, but also my fiancé who had passed away 7 years ago. She knew personal details about my fiancé that no one else knew, like the little jig he used to do when I was upset.
There is no doubt in my mind that her gifts are true & that she is the real deal! She not only described in detail people who had passed on, but the living as well. She’s down to earth with an amazing personality & great sense of humour. I stand behind her & her gifts. Have a reading with Jane, she will not only change your view on death/life but will change your life as well!

Submitted by Cyndel Lane on 04/24/2019

Uncannily accurate for sure!

"I’ve since been busy digesting everything you’ve already told me, which has resonated more so and has greater clarity. Uncannily accurate for sure!

Both you and your sister are local heroes of mine :) Thanks again for that!"

Submitted by Michael Mclellan on 04/24/2019

Jane is a very gifted medium!

"There is a very gifted medium in town. Jane moved here three years ago from Calgary. One of the most helpful, insightful and clear sessions I've ever had with a Medium! She does pet sessions too!"

Submitted by Linda Baker on 03/08/2019

Jane's abilities are mind blowing!!

"I feel so blessed to have had the privilege to work with this amazing woman. Her heart is the kindest I know and her abilities as a medium are mind blowing!! If you are looking for an amazing reading, Jane is so wildly talented you certainly will not be disappointed!"

Submitted by Tanza Elin Stahl, Modern Day Mystic on 03/05/2019

A truly kind person!

Such a truly kind person, my cards ALWAYS resonate and she sent me a deck all the way to Pennsylvania because I won! I'm truly grateful!

Submitted by Ashlie Nichole. The Angelic Starseed/medium on 02/27/2019

I love Jane's vivid images!

My reading today confirmed so much happening right now. I love Jane's vivid images, I will be sending you pictures soon. I felt better after the reading, I feel like I can keep moving in the direction I'm going. Jane has a great way of explaining so you understand. Thank you and I will definitely send people your way!

Submitted by Valerie Rippel, Val's Healing Hands And Soul Therapy on 02/27/2019

Jane's accuracy blew me away!

"Jane is absolutely amazing! Her accuracy blew me away, and her love and presence truly stood out in her readings. She is such a great person to talk to, and keeps it real! I loved my time with her and looking forward to our next meet

Submitted by Terrylee Pepin on 02/27/2019

"A beautiful woman inside and out!"

" A beautiful woman inside and out that made this skeptic a believer! I still think most out there are scammers, but Jane is legit and everything she said in my readings came to pass, although at the time I didn’t believe it!"

Submitted by Amanda Boyle on 02/27/2019

"I truly believe you have a gift!"

" I wanted to take a moment to thank you for seeing me today. Although somewhat skeptic, I truly believe you have a gift. Albeit a gift I don't truly understand - a gift nonetheless. There is no possible way you could of known some of the things you shared with me today unless that information came from outside of yourself. I suppose someone who was very skeptical would say that you are merely someone who is very observant of others - but how could you have possibly known of some of the obstacles I've had to overcome. No - you have a gift. A gift that should be shared with others.

Keep following your passion and you'll never work another day in your life. Be the Buffalo and walk into the storm. So very cool to know someone with such a beautiful soul as you have..."

Submitted by Kevin Mcpherson on 02/27/2019

Jane Is Really One Of The Best Of The Best!

Over the last 30 years, I have had readings by those considered to be the best and most renown readers/healers in the world. In fact, in 2012, I had a radio show where I interviewed over 150 energy workers and a pre-requisite was that I first experience their work! Jane is really one of the best of the best. I was truly blown away by the clarity, accuracy and usefulness of her reading...and she throws in a powerful healing to boot! I am recommending Jane to all my friends and clients. She is amazing!

Submitted by Debra Poneman, Founder/ceo, Yes To Success Inc., Best Selling Author, Co-founder, Your Year Of Miracles, San Rafael, California, United States Of America on 02/26/2019

"Jane is highly intuitive and a natural medium!"

"I highly recommend Jane. She is highly intuitive, a natural medium, and a kind, compassionate and caring person. She read for my dog which was a huge confirmation and gave us information to help with our relationship with our fur baby.

Thank you Jane!"

Submitted by Zoe Baldwin, Owner Of Mountain Heights Healing on 02/20/2019

"Jane has an authentic intuitive gift!"

"I was blown away with my reading with Jane! She has an authentic intuitive gift and I felt as if I was getting answers to my questions, directly from the Spirit World. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants a true clairvoyant experience."


Submitted by Traysiah Spring, C. Ht, Soulpurpose Vedic Astrologer, on 02/20/2019

"Jane is the real deal!"

"Jane wasn't trying to be brilliant, or please me, or show me how professional and profound she was. On the contrary, Jane was just being Jane. Loving, direct, delicate, with a childlike innocence.

It makes total sense that Jane would call her readings, *Angel Wings* because that's the kind of energy talking to Jane imbibes.

Sometimes, during my reading with Jane, there were, what appeared, to be long moments of silence.

I came to understand that whenever those silent moments occurred, Jane was respectfully receiving the deeply personal and impactful download she was about to share.

I love those silent moments. It was here I came to trust that Jane, just being Jane, open and trusting as a pure vessel would be, was truly what I call, the *real deal.* "

Submitted by Janet Bray Attwood, Hayhouse Published Author, Penguin Author, New York Times Bestselling Author on 02/20/2019