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Garnet & Ki - Reiki with Christina Bandara Reviews

Submitted by B.R. on 07/08/2022

Amazing Results, Insight for Everyone

I went to Christina for Reiki as a last resort for an immense amount of stress I was feeling. I didn't know what Reiki really was at the time, but I was pretty desperate. I'm a rather scientific and skeptical person. After the first session, I felt that something had significantly 'shifted' inside of me. The normal stressors that used to put me on edge didn't really have the same effect, and I wasn't as agitated as before. Subsequent sessions really helped manage other significant stressful situations. I have already recommended Christina to friends who were undergoing stressful situations, and have had nothing but positive feedback.

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I have had multiple reiki sessions with Christina, in person and distance. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but after my first session I felt relaxed, light and at ease. Christina has a calming presence about her and her healing energy has proven effective in terms of my road to self healing. For those looking to reduce stress and improve healthy energy, I encourage you to meet with Christina.

Submitted by Garnet & Ki - Reiki With Christina Bandara on 06/25/2022