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Submitted by Lucy Martin on 03/02/2021

A healing that felt like a spa week filled with peace and love!

Overall Rating

I had a healing session with Cassandra, and not only was she sweet and understanding, from the get/go, but she was so good at understanding all my ailments and pains, and believe me they are a lot! She made me feel energized, calmer, I felt I released a heavyweight I was carrying inside. It felt like a whole week spa retreat in only one hour! Thanks so much, Cassandra!

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A Gift Like No Other!

Working with Cassandra has been mind-blowing. I never thought the results would be this life-changing; a true reawakening of rediscovering my power. I’ve seen many doctors and healers for pain in my body (that has been debilitating for many years), but with Cassandra’s healing, it was gone in one session. Her healing has allowed me to deeply listen to my body; our bodies tell us a story through the language of symptoms that correspond to our emotions, traumas, limiting beliefs, etc. - Cassandra is able to uncover and release the energetic blocks to let go and attract what I truly want. It’s eye-opening when you think you’ve done ‘the work’ and then experience yet another profound shift. For me, her healing is an instant transformation; a new way of thinking and believing. After my last session, my intuition and gut instinct immediately felt stronger, I had so much more clarity. The experience has left my body and mind feeling weightless and free. Cassandra has a gift like no other. Not only have the results changed my life but she is someone who is able to connect so deeply with my soul. I feel incredibly blessed to work with someone who makes me feel so connected, supported and understood.

Submitted by Lauren C on 03/08/2021