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Heart Light Holistic Reviews

Submitted by P. Forward.SLS School on 02/04/2019

Young Minds

We had a fun conversation yesterday discussing the students experiences of the Aura readings and they really enjoyed it! Thank you for making the time to come and share your expertise and energy with our group of peaceful warriors.

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About the book

Knowledge of Oneness touches on so many different subjects - UFO’s, Chakras, Crystals, Ascension, Finding our gifts and much, much more. Well worth reading.

Submitted by Rainbow News Magazine New Zealand on 02/04/2019

Delighted with Reading

Thank you so much. You are a light in the world! I am so delighted with the reading. Feel so grateful. Thank you again & Many blessings

Submitted by Hannah R.h on 02/04/2019

About Knowledge of Oneness

I devoured this book in just a few days sitting in front of a fire. It really resonated with me and I loved every page. It is very inspiring and it has helped me meditate and to learn to listen to my higher self and connect with my guides. D. L

Submitted by Douglas Ludwig on 02/04/2019

Science and Intuition

“I thoroughly recommend a session with Mary Jane. Not only is she great at what she does, she uses her intuition together with the science that the equipment provides to give a person a really rounded view of themselves”. A.S

Submitted by Numerotherapy.com on 02/04/2019