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Submitted by Disa on 01/22/2021

Great reading!

Overall Rating

I would like another reading with you, because last year you said I would meet my soulmate in January, and on January 14 I did!

I couldn’t believe it ... but he is my soulmate!

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Amazing Online Reading

I just got my reading from Kathy Lowther ..omg I literally cried. She’s amazing. Through Fb messenger because of Covid-19 but was still unbelievable. - May 5, 2020
-Ginger Charlie

Submitted by Kathryn Lowther on 06/14/2020

Incredible Remote Reading

Jill Lawrence recommends Lotus Flower Psychic Readings.
January 6 · 2020
Kathy did an absolutely incredible remote reading for me and another in person. I felt both were spot on for where I was at the time and where I was heading.
Kathy is gifted and very in tune. I highly recommend having a reading with her.

Submitted by Jill Lawrence on 02/15/2020

Lotus Flower

Kathryn has helped guide me many times with her psychic readings. Very insightful, and always correct!!! She is always there when i need her! Love her monthly readings for each sign as well!

Submitted by Michelle Guiney on 10/25/2019

Amazing Reading!

Wow…that was amazing…you were right on…you even guessed where I lived and what my business was! Thank you for an amazing reading! – S. T. -Washington US.

Submitted by Stephen T. on 09/03/2019


Thanks again Kathy for a great reading!! Really like seeing you and your awesome energy!!
-Sue MacSporran

Submitted by Sue Macsporran on 07/05/2019

Accuracy in a Kind, Gentle Manner

Kathy is a gentle sweet reader that is kind in her deliverance of Spiritual info. I have had several readings by Kathy. The latest reading especially gave me the assurance I needed to push forward for acquiring my office. She saw a B and a name of a woman who would help me. She was accurate. I encourage you to get her services.
Isabel O’Kanese

Submitted by Isabel O'kanese on 06/16/2019

Messages from my mother

Oh, that is so wonderful! Thank you so much! Kathryn shared with me that my mother is so happy for me, and sends her love…it brought tears, but I was relieved to receive such comforting and uplifting information from my late mother. – Sarah B.

Submitted by Sarah B on 06/16/2019

Trip Prediction was spot on!

I am off tomorrow on the trip you predicated for me in the fall, first to New York and then to Hershey, PA. I knew ages ago that I would be going because you told me so and it happened! Thank you! It was a nationwide sales contest that hadn’t been announced yet when I saw you and got my reading – you foretold it!! Thanks, Kathy! – S. Glover, Victoria BC

Submitted by S. Glover on 06/04/2019

Insight and Guidance With a Personal Affirmation

Thank you so much for taking the time to send the affirmation that you spoke of after my reading. I really appreciate you doing that even when you are away in beautiful San Francisco!
Just repeating the words helps me to calm down and to trust.
Your reading provided much insight and guidance and I now have new light shed on this situation.
Thanks again, Kathy
Sincerely, Donna Mayer

Submitted by Donna Mayer on 04/18/2019

Positive Energy

So lovely to know you Kathryn Lowther. You share such positive energy, truly, you make the world a better place.
-Maria Kirley

Submitted by Maria Kirley on 04/05/2019

Mediumship and Psychic Ability

I have had the good fortune to experience Kathryn Lowther’s psychic ability numerous times. She has an awesome ability to reach realms that many of us cannot on our own. She also delivers the messages in a kind, concise way. I highly recommend her if you wish to communicate with a loved one who has departed this plane or wish to have some clue what lies in store for you.
-Trish Mooney - Nanaimo, BC

Submitted by Trish Mooney on 04/05/2019

Energy Healing Testimonial

I just want to tell you just how much better I feel after my energy healing and chakra balancing session with you!! I feel like my old self again, and my heart feels able to forgive. The most amazing thing is, that night I dreamed that I was cuddling a baby whale with my husband Steve by my side. It was the most amazing feeling of love. I woke up feeling gratitude and a deep love for everyone around me…I wanted to share it and hug everyone!! Lol! The whale was pretty amazing, especially since you saw them with me in our session.
Archangel Michael is working with me to reach my divine life purpose, and you felt him in the room with us! So thank you sooooo much!! You are amazing!! ? Blessings to you ???? Oh….and your reading you gave was amazingly accurate and so positive! I love how you knew my grandma is around from the other side….my guardian angel. So comforting :)-Melissa Repay-Trainer-Victoria BC

Submitted by Kathryn on 11/15/2018

Great Medium

Kathryn did a great job of connecting with the spirits in My shop basement!

Submitted by Spirit Whisperer ( Healing Reflections) on 07/04/2018