Ana-La-Rai's Sparkles of Love Reviews

Submitted by Emily Aguero on 03/04/2021

Gifted, Insightful, Kind

Overall Rating

Ana-La-Rai has great insights and connection to higher information that can be really helpful, as well as practical ideas. She operates only from highest integrity and purest energies, and I love knowing that I can trust the energy of the healing, and the energy of the practitioner! Highly recommend!

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Beautiful and Powerful

Ana La Rai‘s beautiful energy and gifts really help me to inner-stand and clear the resistance that I witnessed in my awareness and ascension process. I continue to enjoy many, many beautiful meditations and energy workshops with Ana La Rai and Sparkles of Love,
As very powerful and respected healers, I have personally benefited from Ana La Rai and Christian’s gifts. I highly recommend connecting with them to learn and benefit more fully through the embodiment of love and light that we are. She will help you unlock the unseen tethers of your whole divine potential of who you came here to be. Blessings Dear Ones! See you in the unifying collective consciousness!

Submitted by Loretta, Emerald Grace on 08/07/2021

The Real Deal!!

AnaLaRai is the Real Deal! She is one of those rarities that come along to bless your life with magic and miracles. Her high frequency, clarity, integrity, humility, joyous demeanor, love, compassion, and advanced psychic abilities made her my trusted go-to healer and guide. She has a variety of ways to work with her to experience her true mastery.In a recent Love and Light session with her she shifted so much affecting me from past lives that were filtering through to this lifetime. I immediately had great relief and practically pain free now. She is undoubtedly ans Advanced Psychic Surgeon Extraordinaire among other things.After experiencing one of her sessions or workshops you will observe your life transform in miraculous ways. The Full Moon Workshops are also very, very powerful and I always look forward to those in joyous anticipation as they are full of surprises, gifts and profound healings. If you were guided to work with her it was meant to be. Namaste.

Submitted by Colin Thierens on 04/17/2021

She's simply the best!

I went for a healing to Ana-La-Rai as I was struggling to cope with the new energies we were bombarded with before Christmas 2019. I was dizzy and had chest pains. I was troubled. What a mess. In one session, Ana-La-Rai's immense healing energy; her inspired channelled messages; and her complete understanding of who I was and the influence of my past lives, made it possible for me to reframe my life experiences and fully understood where I was at and where I was going.  Her clarity in channelling, her total integrity and her nonjudgmental and compassionate responses made me trust her completely.  She is, no question about it, the best healer I have ever met.  I left her that day fully back with myself and completely at peace, physical and mental symptoms all gone. And still gone.   

Submitted by Sarah Stewart on 03/15/2021

Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

Hi AnaLaRai,Thank you so very much for all of the wonderful work you do.I made a personal commitment to take your coaching program. This turned out to be the Best GIFT I have ever given to myself!!!You AnaLaRai are the "Real Deal" - so Genuine, so Caring, so helping others :):):) You helped me connect to my heart, my higher self, and to my guides. I was able to release deeply embedded beliefs and patterns that were keeping me stuck. Today thanks to your help, and my willingness to change, my heart is opening up again. I feel happier, lighter, and peaceful. I have a new sense of direction in life and I look forward to working with you again in the future.Thank you for all you do!!!G.   Vancouver Island

Submitted by Ana-la-rai Sagle on 03/15/2021

A life changing experience

I have been part of the evolution and growth of this beautiful soul, AnaLaRai.  We met in Egypt, me on my first sacred Journey and AnaLaRai as one of the teachers/assistants (MutMaatRa's or as we pronounced it Mumaras) under the guidance of AmaRiAl, our first Spiritual Leader, whose mission, at that time, was to seek out the Water Healers of he planet.During the years that followed I started going to weekly retreats that AnaLaRai and two other Mumaras were holding twice yearly on Vancouver Island.  After much growth and learning more about myself and my journey through various teachers and guides, I realized that my greatest Spiritual Guide and Mentor was AnaLaRai and I narrowed my journey to work mainly with her and the Alchemy Collective.  What I have accomplished and grown under her guidance is astronomical.  I could never have advanced as I have without her love, teaching, friendship and assistance in clearing my past life residues, to say nothing of the amount of Planetary work we have accomplished.To work and co-create with AnaLaRai and all the other beings and souls we work with in Collective Consciousness is now my primary purpose of life.

Submitted by Saarala Green on 03/05/2021

Love and Light

Love and Light is everything that Ana-La Rai is made of and she radiates this in everything she does. I have worked with her over several years and she always adds something special to my life. The weekly sessions with the AlChemy are free and give me a great sense of purpose giving something back to Gia not always looking for something for me. Personal sessions with her are life changing and I just love the clarity of her channel. If you are lucky enough to get time with her do not hesitate you will not be disappointed.

Submitted by Personal on 03/02/2021

Person of love and commitment

I met Ana-La-Rai back in 2014 when the “Tu Conecion Espiritual” group I belonged to, invited her to do her weekly “The Alchemy” meditation in one of our meetings. That night my soul did feel the call to join Ana La Rai’s group.Since then, I have been in many of her events: Seven gatherings in 3 different countries, the 33 Codes of Origin and Lord Shiva programs, several personal “Love and Live sessions”, group healings, full moon meditations, radio shows and I have as well benefit from the healing power of the customized paintings she creates, and the spiritual teachings she posts in her blog.I deeply admire her channeling power, the loyalty to her guides, her dedication to serve humanity and mother earth in the great awakening and to make the new earth a reality.During the Alchemy meditations Ana-La-Rai’s great organizational and technical skills allows her to immerse deeply in the energies she brings from the other side of the veil and at the same time be present to answer questions posted by the audience. In the “Love and Light” sessions Ana-La-Rai does fully accurate readings and brings powerful beings of light to help her clients. Thanks to Ana La Rai’s events and sessions the past seven years had been for me, the greatest in my personal development and in my soul journey advancement.

Submitted by Stella Castaneda on 02/28/2021

Truly Angelic Healer

I have no hesitation in recommending Ana-La-Rai Sagle for any soul/energetic healing work you require.This Lady is truly unique in her connection to creator/source and once your permission is given, She and her guides will be able to find, re-integrate and heal aspects of your self you didn't even know could be recovered !I have had healing sessions with Ana-La-Rai on several occasions over the past 4years and the results have always been profound. From childhood tauma's effects, to past life injuries, to current spiritual wounds, Ana-La-Rai has the ability to find them and help you co-create their healing, as long as all is within Divine order ! In Love and Gratitude,Andrew Greenly-Jones  [UK]

Submitted by Andrew Greenly-jones on 02/27/2021


Ana La Rai's work is profound. Her courses and sessions have changed my life in so many amazing ways.

Submitted by Ulrich Miller on 02/26/2021

Full Moon adventures!!!

If you want to see what Ana La Rai does, dip your toe in the water and sign up for one of her full moon adventures, which she offers each full moon at a very reasonable fee.  These are so much fun. She channels someone new each full moon!  You never know what’s going to happen. The beings that come through are so happy to help all who have signed up!  It’s always an adventure. It seems the higher realms just line up to get their turn to go through Ana La Rai! She also sends you the recording so you have the replay!  Absolutely the best full moon meditations I’ve ever been on! 

Submitted by Darlene Ellwood on 02/26/2021

33 Codes of Origin

An amazing in depth course that will bring you to your core essence.  This course will re-introduce you to yourself.  It is a journey into your own power source, love.  I have utilized what I have learned with these Codes in my everyday life.  I have the Codes behind me in many of the decisions I make.  The Codes have given me confidence, expanded my horizons and opened up my faith in the unlimited Universe that I live in.  I am so happy that I made the decision to go to my beginnings with these Codes!  And I now have them with me to move forward into my future!  

Submitted by Darlene Ellwood on 02/26/2021

I feel so blessed to have found AnaLaRai!

I feel so blessed to have found AnaLaRai. From the first time I heard her speak I knew she was the real deal. I have had so much spiritual growth since starting to work with her and I continue to grow and release with each and every appointment. Recently I had two different spiritual teachers tell me they were seeing so much change in me and how much I was releasing , all thanks to the coaching program and  the 33 Codes program through AnaLaRai. I would recommend any of the programs that AnaLaRai offers as I know first hand how much love and care goes into everything she does. I am so grateful for the work we do together and the pure joy it has brought me.                                          Thank you Paula W.

Submitted by Ana-la-rai Sagle on 02/25/2021