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Lifeforce Holistic Services with Leah Schroeder Reviews

Submitted by Elfriede F. on 07/20/2022

A Wonderful Experience

"Coming from a medical/ Rehab perspective I was both simultaneously awed and intimidated by energy work. Despite this I was drawn to Reiki and Leah. It was something I needed to experience. Leah over the course of this 2 day Usui/Holy Fire III (Reiki) Workshop helped develop in me a sense of trust. Trust both in her as well as the process I was participating in. I left with a sense of connectedness; being a part of a bigger picture. My heart felt lighter and open to possibilities. A wonderful experience. Thanks again Leah." - Elfriede F.

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Too Beautiful For Words

Leah is an intuitively gifted, powerful healer. She brings a higher consciousness, and connection to higher realms, into her healing art that not only brings physical healing and wellness but shifts long-held emotions and belief systems. I experienced being profoundly enveloped in unconditional Divine Love. Too beautiful for words. Tammy S.

Submitted by Tammy S. on 07/20/2022