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Submitted by Tiffany on 01/02/2021

Blew my mind!!!!!

Overall Rating

Deena is my Aunt, and to make a long story, short.....she read me when I was pregnant (I hadn’t told her yet) and EVERY SINGLE CARD SHE PULLED referenced new beginnings, new purpose and new direction.....motherhood is absolutely ALL of those things. It was at that point that I was absolutely convinced of her abilities. I mean I’ve always believed in my aunt and we’ve always had a soul-connectetion but she proved to the part of me that’s a little sceptic, that she was in fact, the REAL DEAL.

People can’t fudge authenticity with me, my aunt Deena, is absolutely the real Deal! The best part about her though, is her honesty and integrity....that, to me, is invaluable! I love you, Auntie!

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First timer

Deena put me at ease as I was nervous when I arrived. She was able to answer my questions and bring me validation. She knew things that confirmed my belief that there is another realm. Thank you Deena????

Submitted by Sandra Hett on 09/08/2019

Awesome reading!

So cool to sit down with Deena and explore things with someone who is on the other side. The details that arose in the readings served as validation, and the "news" that we discovered gave me a list of things to look up & find out more about. Easy & friendly - I think you'll like working with Deena!

Submitted by Ian on 05/31/2019