Elemental Energy Healing with Jill Reviews

Submitted by Will Cardinal on 04/16/2021

Back to Basics

The core of our being is our spine and anything that affects the spine, slows us down. Jill's energy work has given me back some optimism for my aging spine! Very happy with her work!!

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Like A Miracle

Couldn't be more amazed! I've received forty-plus years of alternative treatments for my degenerative spinal condition and numerous injuries, as well as immune suppression and Lyme Disease and Jill's work has given me back my life! I will never quit working with her. The turn-around has happened so quickly--and absolutely no regression so far!

Submitted by R Powell on 10/06/2021

Wonderful healing practicioner

Jill and I met at a healing class 2 years ago. When Jill starting offering this modality, I said sure, I could use some healing! So we committed to 4 sessions, and I am so glad I did. We just finished our 3rd one, and I am feeling so great. My hips have released, I'm more focused, more joyful. Clearly she is doing what she loves, and it shows. Thanks so much Jill.Marilyn Marshall

Submitted by Energy Point Healing on 05/03/2021