Niki Hughes - Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist & Energy Balancer @ Elemental Balance Reviews

Submitted by Zoe Coyote on 10/21/2020

A wonderful experience

Overall Rating

I needed to make a change in my approach to a chronic illness and working with Nikki was just what I needed. She helped me make some profound shifts in my energy and my emotional and mental health. She also provided tools that I can continue to work with. Very uplifting and effective!

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Positively Life Changing

There aren’t words in the English language to adequately express the immense gratitude, love,&respect I have for Niki Hughes.Losing my best friend 2yrs ago,I was thrust into a whirlwind journey to discover the truth that is around us that the eyes can’t see, but the heart and soul feel.Niki is the real deal.She is highly skilled, experienced, compassionate& incredibly positive.She loves people&has a thirst to help, guide&nurture.I'll continue to work with her via Zoom after I move. Yes, she does this via Zoom&it's just as powerful!This process has not only humbled me,but lit a fire inside of me.I want to do more&be more.Knowing that my soul chose this life,in this time period,to help the ones I love the most find happiness is so powerful.Nothing is an accident or a coincidence.Niki has given me countless gifts that I am able to share with those I love.I think my biggest take away is that nothing is ever truly lost or gone.Shift your perspective&the gifts of the universe will open.

Submitted by Laura Nelson on 05/20/2020

Great session!!

There's a lot to like about a session with Niki - starting with a thorough visit beforehand about both what to expect from her & a review of what you're looking for (I went to see her for a past life regression.) The session itself was both revealing & useful, and I have found that the information (and feelings) that we uncovered are still with me, and have led to some interesting discoveries about the way I do things. Her even-handed, comfortable way of offering hypnosis & warm practice space left me looking forward to the next session! Check Niki out - you'll be glad you did!

Submitted by Ian on 03/07/2019