Hilary Hraefn Porter Reviews

Submitted by Hari Dev on 11/24/2021

Powerful pattern shifting & transformative journey!

Saying yes to the Chakra Scrub with Hilary has been one of the most enlightening experiences I've truly ever had. Each activation session with her was so potent & galactic. She creates a sacred container for deep work to be done & this container stays with you during the entire week. Experiences, patterns, synchronicities, realizations & understandings all come into play. The 8 weeks created a crescendo effect & by the last week, I could see so clearly the blockage, the pattern, that needed to be integrated & released. The accuracy of the entire scrub has been amazing. I was able to witness what chakras are functioning in a healthy, balanced manner & also the chakras that need my love & attention. The work that I've done with Hilary has been invaluable, clarifying and so deeply meaningful. I look forward to doing more healing work with Hilary in the future! She's a profound healer with skills and talents that are so unique and transformative. I'm so grateful to have found her!

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Tameana Healing... a valuable tool for your toolkit!

I attended Hilary’s Tameana Crystal Healing workshop, and it was amazing. Hilary is so knowledgeable in all things metaphysical. The workshop was super fun, detailed, interesting and overall wonderful. I am excited to offer this valuable healing method to my clients. I recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to delve into the amazing world of spiritual healing.

Submitted by Lindsay on 10/06/2021

Amazing facilitator and guide.

Hilary is the most amazing facilitator and guide. I had the great opportunity to be part of two amazing workshops with Hilary recently. I felt so mush shifts on all levels. I would highly recommend Hilary for future Tameana training, healing sessions, and workshops.

Submitted by Rosalina on 09/29/2021

High Level Healing

I would like to take some time to express my deep gratitude for Hilary & what she has done for me & with me. I take my path of healing very seriously, always going deeper & striving to live my most enriched journey. Recently, I found myself needing some real help letting go of old patterns, which supported some real suffering. I have come to a place in my journey where I require a particular high level of skills/gifts from a healer and guide. I crossed paths with Hilary and it didn't take long for me to see that she embodied all of this and more. She truly saw where I was in my journey and what I needed help with. Amongst being given many other tools, she suggested that I receive healing through Tameana. I saw this vibrational healing system through for 8 weeks. In a nutshell, the healing that I received was immense.  I dedicated myself to this work, breaking through walls and owning old patterns, only to be rid of them.

Submitted by Johnny D. on 06/07/2021

Highly recommend this woman that is a force!

I highly recommend Hilary and her services. Hilary is extremely knowledgeable in so many realms, her intelligence, connection and wisdom combine to make this woman a force!

Submitted by Jeff S. on 01/02/2021

Book your appointment, you will not regret it!

I feel incredibly grateful for Hilary and this amazing journey I am know since meeting her. I have been working with sacred plant medicines for 5 years and they have helped me immensely but somehow I needed something more.
I was stuck, feeling sad and unable to fully connect with my daughter.
When I first met Hilary I was instantly comfortable in her warm and caring presence. Her sessions are magical, her gifts are truly amazing. She helped me to get closer to myself and opened me up to all kinds of possibilities for a joyous life.
We recently moved here and my husband sees such a change in me that he literally said if we came here just to meet Hilary it would have been worth the move.
I feel so empowered since meeting Hilary. I get so excited for my next appointment with her (and I usually dread appointments!!)
Ps the type of acupuncture she practices is esoteric acupuncture and its an absolute game changer!
This amazing lady is such a gift to this planet x

Submitted by Geraldine on 12/09/2020

Fun & loving while going deep

Hilary is a joy to behold. She brings her extensive knowledge and deep connection to spirit and nature to every session in a fun and loving way. I love my time with her.

Submitted by Gillian on 10/27/2020

Feel softly blissful and ready to change unwanted patterns!

It’s been 2 weeks since my session with Hilary Hraefn Porter, and I have not had pop in my house since then. Pop has been my go-to during times of stress, and a daily survival tact during my divorce. I have nothing but good things to say about her services and products, but let me tell you…I didn’t go into my last session intending to cease any habit in particular, I didn’t talk about this habit in the session, I only told her I knew I needed some healing. Miss Hilary took it from there! I witnessed her quietly connecting to her plant medicines on my behalf, and with full trust – which she makes it easy to have – I experienced her acupuncture skills and came out of it feeling softly blissful. The pop habit, suddenly it just seemed time! I know my strengths, and I take credit for my changes, but that session buoyed my belief , my resolve, and I’m ever so grateful for Miss Hilary’s assistance!

Submitted by Kristy on 09/27/2020

Feeling heard, seen & deeply supported.

Hilary is an exceptionally wise, skilled, and intuitive practitioner. With a vast array of healing modalities to select from, I entrusted her completely to guide and facilitate a perfectly orchestrated treatment session. I am still experiencing the positive benefits from my time with her, and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to feel heard, seen, and deeply supported. Thanks again, Hilary. I will definitely be back to see you for another session!

Submitted by Christa F. on 06/06/2020

Go deeper into who you are!

I have found a most profound and insightful soul in Hilary Hraefn Porter – she is the healer’s healer. Her posts are thoughtfully provocative, her words are insightful, and just when I think I know what I am saying, she nudges me with an open ended question and I go deeper into knowing who I am. If you’re ready to be curious about yourself, this person can guide you there. I am saying visit her profile, join her group, and let your learning unfold!

Submitted by K. Mcintyre on 05/21/2020

Real-world intuitive magic!

Hilary is a deeply compassionate practitioner who draws on practical real-world treatment skills and on intuitive magical insights to open the space for genuine healing and transformation to take place. I am more gloriously grounded in my life and my own path because of this human's work. I highly recommend her. XO.

Submitted by Rachel on 05/13/2020

Level Up with Hilary if you Dare!

I've had many many sessions of different modalities over my 55 years and Hilary's magical Esoteric Acupuncture is definitely one of the highest vibrational activations I've ever experienced. I've experienced many deep cellular shifts on stuck patterns and belief systems in the short time we've been working together. If you're looking for an intelligent, compassionate, no nonsense facilitator who walks her talk (actually blazes a trail!) book yourself in!!

Submitted by Vicki on 06/17/2019

A Review for Hilary from a client

I first met Hilary @ Pacific Rim College a few years ago where she was studying herbs & acupuncture. Since then I have relied on Hilary for advice & treatments for all levels of health, including emotional/spiritual. She is deeply connected to plants & is now doing acupuncture as well as amazing energy work. Hilary answers questions quickly, provides wise feedback & is extremely intuitive. She is now one of my prime healers, my "go to" person. Her compassionate heart is another reason why I highly recommend her. I have given her top notch ratings because I feel she deserves them. Bless this lovely woman for what she brings to the earth.

Submitted by Pat Nichols on 06/10/2019