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Submitted by Shelly on 04/22/2021

A true angel!

Overall Rating

Angel is a true angel!! I enjoyed an outside tea session with her and her space is just so beautiful and her being is so beautiful and we did my cards which I was doing just for fun and oh my word..!! Everything was spot on! Like SPOT ON! She is such a gem. Everyone should see Angel. So healing and rewarding and you leave with such a sense of peace and joy!!  - Shelly

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How did she know?

Angels readings are like a warm blanket of comfort to help balance my soul. She has always been spot on to the point of how did she know that! I am awful at making big decisions and so I turn to angel for guidance and the positivity I feel after makes me confident in what I’m doing. Also being a person who can overthink everything she puts me on the right track. And seriously how does she know these things!! Well, I do know and I’m now learning from her how to tap into those instincts myself. Amazing! Mel

Submitted by Sacred Silence With Angel Jury on 03/23/2021

Don't Doubt!

To people in doubt do not fear the unexplained, embrace the peace a reading will give you.After my Mom’s passing, I went to see her. Angel’s reading described things she could only get from my Mom, and they never met or knew each other. The only logical place it could have come from was interaction with my Mom’s Spirit on the other side. To be clear I am one that has to see to believe and Angel is absolutely without question the real thing. Rob

Submitted by Sacred Silence With Angel Jury on 03/12/2021

Slumber Party and Sobriety

Angel’s reading came into my life as entertainment at a slumber party. Not a concern could be thought of…life was perfect for me. Anything not great, going on was from my own doings, but it was just life, and I owned it all. I was told, that my Mother was telling me to “stop doing what I have done”. My mother was a terrible drinker. Angel says that I need to look forward in my life with sobriety and I will be triumphant. I was not ready for THAT – to quit, no way! After my reading, I went upstairs, took a sip of my boozy drink and it was like someone knocked it and I wore most of it down the front of my clothes…right then and there I took what was left of my drink and put it down the sink…that would be the last drink I had now 5 days away from 18 months!! I didn’t realize what a lost and scarred soul I was, nor that I needed change in my life to be a better person. having Angel truth me with her gift and tell me of things she could not have known…and allowed me to make the decision to move forward in sobriety, and clarity, and creativity…well, I am SO GRATEFUL. Tammy – Lou

Submitted by Sacred Silence With Angel Jury on 03/11/2021

I am so glad that I met you

I am so glad that I met you. You brighten up my life and keep me close to Roy. I could cry just thinking of how much you have helped me through all of this. I have tears of appreciation right now for what you do. You have helped me believe that my man is still with me every day. You surprise me as things no one would ever know that was between us only. you have brought forward and that is so amazing you surprise me and make me more of a believe every time I see you. I love you.

Submitted by Sacred Silence on 12/07/2020