L-J (Laura-Jane) Coté Reviews

Submitted by Teresa Klan on 01/10/2021

Beautiful session with the lovely L-J

Overall Rating

L-J is highly engaging & her awesome sessions are inspiring as she shares with crystal clarity empowering information. She has that rare ability to distill seemingly complex events to highly relatable downloads. Her warm, relaxed nature make her a true pleasure to share time & space with - and that itself is healing for me. I felt safe held within the container she created and when we finished I felt refreshed & eager to achieve my highest potentials. She is both highly professional and very relatable/personable at the same time. I can easily recommend L-J - she is a wonderful human being & true gem in every sense.

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Levelling Up

I’m so excited to share how wonderful my experience with L-J was. I just adore her and her sweet supportive nature. The very detailed and profoundly accurate reading L-J did for me is a total game changer. I feel so empowered with vision of a direct and clear path ahead of me. I’m filled with excitement and anticipation of the new on its way. ???? thank you L-J. Bless you and the beautiful healing work You do. I am eternally grateful for you. If you have ever wondered about yourself, your soul, and what blocks you healing, this is your opportunity to finally get some answers. Blessings. ????

Submitted by Sunshine Brown on 12/09/2020

What an amazing experience

I had a reading with L-J and it has been very powerful. I love that I was given a copy of the reading so I can reflect on it as often as I’d like The homework she gave me is completely doable and she was so patient, as I’m not a tech person. So far I have noticed that I feel much lighter, more joyous and happy overall. So even in this short 2 week period things have shifted significantly for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.
Thanks L-J!!!!!

Submitted by Jo on 12/09/2020

Amazingly Accurate

L-J is nothing short of amazing. She did a soul alignment for me to clear past karma and I was astonished with the level of detail she was able to provide. Everything either made sense with what has been happening in this lifetime or it corroborated what I have gotten myself. It was very recent so I am beginning to feel changes and I will update this review as well. I am so grateful to L-J and would like to purchase a soul alignment for my son so he can have things cleared while he's a young man. I highly recommend L-J and the soul alignment.

Submitted by Marilyn Thorpe on 11/27/2019