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Submitted by Leah Abbott on 06/01/2021

Guidance and healing

Overall Rating

I didn’t believe in this stuff so much until Chris really helped me through a confusing time in my life, everything was spot on crazy experience! I definitely recommend if you need some guidance or healings Leah A.

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Loved my session with Chris!

For the past week, I have been sleeping in short, three-four-hour segments, even after taking a sleeping medicine. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far after my distance healing:  (1) I slept better last night. Even though I woke up a couple of times, I rolled over went right back to sleep. Super grateful for that.(2) I’m breathing deeper without consciously trying to.  (3) I stood up straight, with my shoulders back, without trying and without discomfort or pain (I’ve been hunched over recently, and whenever I tried to straighten up, it would be uncomfortable).  Thank you so much!!! Have a great day!Zephyr

Submitted by Zephyr on 05/27/2021