Healing for Surgery - Reviews of Spiritual Reflections Holistic Support & Guidance on Spirit of Victoria
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Spiritual Reflections Holistic Support & Guidance Reviews

Submitted by Val J on 08/15/2021

Healing for Surgery

I had to have a gum graft due to receding gums. This procedure involves removing tissue from the roof of the mouth and stitching the tissue to the gums. I decided since I had to have the surgery I would try to lessen the trauma by having Chris send healing for the pain that I was in for. The morning of the surgery I received a text from Chris informing me that not only was she sending healing but spirit was applying operational healing assistance. Except for the few pinches from the needle for freezing the surgery was over in 45 minutes and off I went. I'm absolutely positive that I didn't experience anywhere near the discomfort and pain that had been described to me by other people due to he healing that Chris had applied and spirits assistance. I would never have any surgery now without energy healing and spiritual support from a skilled practitioner like Chris. I'm so grateful to Chris for the work she does and the help I received. A big hug of gratitude to you Chris. Val Jensen

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Distance Healing

The healing I received from Chris was intuitive, accurate and meaningful to my life and to my emotional health. The messages I received through Chris, have helped me to look more closely at what my body, mind and soul need to feel well and healthy. I feel lighter and more hopeful for a healthier future and I have messages that support me moving forward.

Chris spoke to me of things that she did not know about me, and yet she was able to reach out to heal and to support me in the very areas I was struggling in.

I felt calm and more confident as I rested and listened to her healing. These feelings have stayed with me beyond the session.

I want to thank Chris for her help and I would highly recommend her. You may not even be aware that you are needing some healing work until you have tried it and can experience the benefits.

Submitted by Lesley on 08/15/2021

Guidance and healing

I didn’t believe in this stuff so much until Chris really helped me through a confusing time in my life, everything was spot on crazy experience! I definitely recommend if you need some guidance or healings Leah A.

Submitted by Leah Abbott on 06/01/2021

Loved my session with Chris!

For the past week, I have been sleeping in short, three-four-hour segments, even after taking a sleeping medicine. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far after my distance healing:  (1) I slept better last night. Even though I woke up a couple of times, I rolled over went right back to sleep. Super grateful for that.(2) I’m breathing deeper without consciously trying to.  (3) I stood up straight, with my shoulders back, without trying and without discomfort or pain (I’ve been hunched over recently, and whenever I tried to straighten up, it would be uncomfortable).  Thank you so much!!! Have a great day!Zephyr

Submitted by Zephyr on 05/27/2021