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Astrology & Sound Healing with Nancy Hilton Reviews

Submitted by Bethany on 06/25/2021

Great session with Nancy!

Nancy looked at my astrological chart and saw some pretty heavy aspects looming. Probably contributed to some of my discomfort. She read my cards and made some dietary suggestions for my stomach issues, but the best part of all was the treatment I received on her magic table.  Part of the magic of the table is the amethyst crystal infra-red mat she’s got on it. No need to undress, all treatments are no touch except for the placement of stones and crystals. The room was prepared with sage and incense, the music was perfect and she began using tuning forks  and singing, a chakra realignment, how lovely.  The treatment progressed  and that’s where the magic happens, I definitely felt better when she was done.

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Nancy's treatment was critical to my recovery

After a triple bypass and major abdominal surgery, Nancy Hilton treated me with a BioSonic Attunement. This was a critical time in my healing, and her treatments helped in my recovery. She is a sensitive and gentle therapist, whom i would recommend to any patient in need.

Submitted by Mark on 03/04/2022