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Krysty McIntyre

Healer at Sacred Caim
Victoria British Columbia V9A 3P6

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  • Company Name
  • Sacred Caim
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  • Sacred Caim Company Logo by Krysty McIntyre in Victoria BC
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  • 1316 Esquimalt Rd
    Victoria, British Columbia, V9A 3P6
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  • Year Established
  • 2006
  • Hours of Operation
  • Thursday afternoons with other dates available depending on client base.
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • etransfer, major credit and debit cards, exact change cash, energy exchanges and barter
  • Credentials
  • Certified Focus Bodywork w/Sharon Strang Healing Body Massage
    Certified ICRT Master of Usui and Karuna
    Certified ICEH Sound Practitioner
    Certified ICEH Indian Head Massage
    Certified OCMH w/Daniel Keeran MSW Mental Health Counseling
  • Honors & Awards
  • Honoured to be Present
    Honoured to be Alive
    Honoured to Hold Space
    Awarded one life this time around

About Krysty McIntyre

A 'caim' is an Irish-Gaelic term for protection or sacred sanctuary. Krysty honours her heritage with this name, meaning to create the very space needed for each individual ready to heal themselves.

"I value my ability to hold space for others while they heal. People heal themselves, we are all healers. My wish is to create and keep sacred a space just for them to heal in, to feel safe." - Krysty/Beloved

At Sacred Caim, clients can choose from several energetic healing styles, as well as basic massage - times required may vary according to client needs. Krysty provides the following services (https://www.sacredcaim.ca/sacred-caim-services/):

Full Body Healing Massage 

Full Body Healing Massage is the most requested of my services. It is a full body massage using petrissage and effleurage techniques, as well as a dry myofascial release method. Because I am also a Reiki Master trained in traditional Usui and Karuna methods, healing energy is a natural part of every massage. You can relax in comfort while your muscles and aches and pains are tended to. There can also be a spiritual, emotional and counseling aspect to this integrated massage; if you aren’t comfortable with talking and would rather journey, meditate or nap, this is a great opportunity!

The current price for Full Body Healing Massage has been reduced in order to allow more access to those who really need it. My goal is to make healing more accessible rather than compete with other healing practitioners.

Indian Head Massage 

This traditional style of partial and focused massage was seen as a critical part of Eastern medicine for thousands of years. You will experience this delightful and relaxing treat either lying down or sitting in a massage chair. Oil is traditionally used on the face, neck and scalp, and is applied and massaged in a methodical way to address tense nerves, high stress levels, energy blockages and toxin release. Indian Head Massage takes approximately forty five minutes, more or less. It can help with hair growth, skin stimulation and stress relief. Lymph and toxins are moved with gentle pressure, and the very roots of your hair are rejuvenated by rhythmic hair pulling and plucking – don’t worry, you leave with your full head of hair in tact and in the best shape of its life, despite having bed head!

Full Massage Plus 

Experience the benefits of a full body massage combined with Reiki, Crystal therapy and Indian Head Massage! This service is an ideal one-time treat for a friend or loved one, a great gift of self care for yourself or someone else. First you experience a full body massage as explained above; then the last thirty minutes or so are dedicated to Indian Head Massage with a twist. Star Ruby mini wands are used to enhance the facial part of IHM. After a chakra alignment and aura sweep, your session of healing love is finally complete – until next time, that is!

*Note: Star Ruby is a rare form of ruby; ruby is known spiritually to be an energizing and vitality-increasing stone with shielding as well as aphrodisiac properties. Star Ruby is ruby amplified, a metaphysical dream stone that draws in the energy of the Universe and directs it to your healing.

Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing is a shorter session that can help you to feel balanced and cleansed. Clients sit in a chair while relaxing music is played. Using crystals as called to, I sweep a client’s aura, removing small blockages and realigning chakras along the way. As a Certified Practitioner of Sound Healing, I may also use tools such as Tibetan Singing Bowls to help break up negative flow. This process takes a half hour or less and is an inexpensive way to prepare for job interviews, important meetings or to cleanse after spending time in negative spaces or situations.

Reiki – Usui and Karuna 

Reiki is a very old traditional Japanese method of stress relief and relaxation. I have learned that our issues show up in our tissues, and that the best of us are people who deal with and process the challenges they face instead of bottling things up inside. While you may not be aware of how amazing your physical and energy body is, it seeks to help you heal past trauma as well as the aches and pains living a challenging life can cause. Reiki is ideal for those suffering from fibromyalgia and psoriasis, or other conditions that prevent a client from experiencing hands-on treatments, such as childhood trauma or sexual abuse. In general, Reiki is a hands on OR hands off technique of clearing the energy lines or ‘chi’ in a client’s body, so that the body can heal itself. One session generally lasts an hour but provides up to 72 hours of relief from most pain and distress.

*Note: Reiki and any form of energy healing is NOT a substitute for medical advice so please always consult with your professional medical practitioner for any pain you are experiencing. Reiki is an amazing compliment to treatments such as counseling, chemotherapy and physiotherapy.

Sound Healing 

Using the soothing waves and vibrations provided by Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls and vocal toning, your body’s energy levels and natural ability to heal itself will be rejuvenated as you relax and simply let it happen! Ask about the use of tuning forks specifically attuned to have a profound effect on the face; you will experience a NO NEEDLES NO SURGERY NO ANESTHESIA facial that can tighten and tone sagging skin, soothe crow’s feet and laugh or worry lines, and ease bags under eyes.

Spiritual Counseling & Life Coaching 

As a Certified Mental Health Counselor, I bring knowledge of life skills and healing therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Grief Counseling to each session. I support and I challenge my clients, depending on what needs they present at the time. I assist people in overcoming the obstacles they’re facing in their day to day lives, as well as helping them get back on track to their dreams and their success with goal planning and regular progress check ins. Sessions can be set up individually, or a contract can be signed for longer term Life Coaching services. A Life Coach or Counselor does not solve a person’s problems for them. Rather, our task is to help you, the client, establish what it is you want to achieve or to change, and what skills you have or might need to make this happen. It is my pleasure to stand next to the great people I have known through this practice and be amazed at what they can do.

Crystal Healing Therapy 

Ideal for people with metaphysical or spiritual inclinations, crystal therapy can help wake up the body’s natural ability to heal. Crystals have been used in healing historically while also having a strong influence on science and technology. The vibrations of crystals flow through a person’s aura, tissues and bones. For those who have experienced crystal grids, crystal Chakra tune-ups and crystal facial massages, there is no experience like it. Each session begins and ends with consultation so that the crystal treatment is designed for each unique client. You and your body know what you need, and the crystals simply respond to the nature of your spirit song.

Please contact me directly via krystymcintyre at gmail.com to book your appointment!

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