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Lori Prophet Reviews

Submitted by Jane Dance on 09/20/2022

Exquisite Quality!

I bought a beautiful and rare crystal pendant from Lori recently. I was immediately drawn to the colour and the delicate copper wiring (my favourite). Everything about the pendant is me! I receive multiple compliments whenever I wear it...which is often!
Lori is excellent at her craft! You can see she is proud of her work as she radiates love into every piece. I highly recommend Lori!

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My experience with Lori Prophet

A few months ago, I had signed up for an introductory day course being held by Lori in the Gorge area.
I was fortunate to have been her only client that day, and so enjoyed an intensive one on one, learning from Lori the fundamental principles of dowsing and pendulum work.
Lori is an honest and enthusiastic teacher, who really knows her stuff. She makes her own dowsing rods and pendulums, which are available for those who have not yet picked up their own 'tools' to purchace.

I'm glad to be able to recommend Lori to whomever might be thinking about taking one of the courses she offers!

Thank-you again Lori, for the excellent day you gave to me, and I do apologize that it took me so long before getting around to writing this review!

Submitted by Jay Bessembinders on 10/27/2022

Lori's Pendulums are One of A Kind!

I recently bought a pendulum from Lori...it was love at first sight!
I already have five pendulums, but seeing the lapis lazuli sphere with a dragon encircling it, I could not resist!
Lori's eye for detail is beyond extraordinary - she puts so much love and energy into each creation, you can feel she loves what she does.
Thank you, Lori, for being an exceptional person with a heart of gold, and for offering your gifts and talents to the world!

Submitted by Angel Wing Readings With Jane on 09/19/2022

Amazing Knowledgable Dowsing Teacher

I just finished my dowsing level 1 with Lori Prophet who is the most knowledgeable dowser on Vancouver Island and is working on her Master Dowser Certification. I found the course fascinating. Learning about how ancient landmarks, churches etc. were built on energetic lines, had me marvelling at the knowledge our ancestors had and how dowsing was not just for looking for water to dig a well. I really liked the information about how energy/water running under our house or place of work could affect our health, and how we can nullify the effects. Even how to clean the energy of the house, our space, or place of work is so beneficial to our everyday life. Lori is extremely patient, knowledgeable & an awesome teacher. Lori has been taught by world renown dowser 2nd generation master dowser Maria Wheatley.
I am looking forward to doing the assignments now to get my own level one certification. Thank you Lori for an awesome course, I totally enjoyed it!

Submitted by Valerie Couture on 05/15/2022

Beautiful custom pendulums and jewellery

Lori makes beautiful one of a kind jewellery. I have the pleasure of owning several of her hand made pendulums and bracelets. The energy that you feel coming off of them is beautiful. She takes the time to find the perfect charm to go with the crystals for whichever she is making. You will not be disappointed when you purchase from her. She also has a wonderful selection to choose from and will make to order. I have discovered her pendulums are like chips, you can not stop at owning just one! Thank you Lori, awesome work!

Submitted by Valerie Couture on 08/26/2021