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Submitted by Ian Byington on 12/22/2021

Loved the snapshot!

Inspiring & amazing - Sarah has a natural gift for putting you at ease and sharing both spiritual nudges & a sense of direction. The information she shared and helped me discover has been percolating the past couple of days & feels like it's shining a light on some stuff I need to work on within myself. Thanks for a great session, Sarah!!

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Sarah is a uniquely accomplished intuitive, bringing an all-encompassing feeling of love, trust and protection into her reading... a sanctuary of divine light. Through the creation of her own Oracle cards, Sarah has guided me through some deeply transformational work. Her warmth, assurance and wondrous abilities have brought me much-needed catharsis and clarity. Through recognition of my soul, Sarah has gently led me into places within myself that I never knew existed. Her amazing ability to articulate meaning and her loving guidance has been the foundation to facilitating deep healing. I am beyond blessed to have crossed paths with Sarah and I very much look forward to continuing this work with her.

Submitted by Laurie Harnett-dawkins,,, N.d. ( on 09/05/2021

Wonderful experience!

Meeting Sarah for the first time today was a wonderful experience. Her expertise and natural gifts came shining through as she went directly to the issues needing attention. I appreciated her warm and caring nature. She has a definite love for what she does. She also has a great sense of humour! I look forward to my Soul Reading and chatting with her again. Thanks so much, Sarah!

Submitted by Karen on 03/13/2021