Sleeping Spirit Rising with Jayne Oldhoff Reviews

Submitted by Ian Byington on 04/12/2021

Clear, patient & knowledgeable - great reading!

Overall Rating

While I wasn't sure what to expect in a Human Design reading, I am glad to report that I came away with far more information & direction than I expected. Jayne is a natural teacher & sharer of information, with a calming presence and helpful spirit. She included a number of pages with the reading - it helped me to see & read so much collaborating info (about me!)Like any good reading, I left the session with a bunch of new questions that have come up since -and I'm looking forward to the next session! Thanks, Jayne!

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Life Changing Information

I am blown away by Jayne’s knowledge and guidance. My human design chart is so accurate and Jayne’s interpretation allowed me to really understand who I am. Jayne was able to give me insight into certain areas of my life where I have struggled. I felt very comfortable exploring all of these aspects with Jayne, as she has mastered a compassionate and upbeat delivery. Learning about my human design has been life-changing and I am excited to implement Jayne’s advice to better navigate my way through life’s challenges. I highly recommend Sleeping Spirit Rising!

Submitted by Sleeping Spirit Rising With Jayne Oldhoff on 03/30/2021

Great for Self Reflection!

Jayne not only introduced me to Human Design, but has guided me through unlocking some very significant insights attributing to my specific makeup. She’s able to translate these concepts into simple, everyday examples which allowed me to uncap some very powerful self-growth. Jayne’s knowledge and direction is both profound and lighthearted. For me, this is just the tip of the iceberg for tapping into Jayne’s knowledge.- Hayley

Submitted by Sleeping Spirit Rising With Jayne Oldhoff on 03/10/2021

Best Human Design Reading

Highly recommend a human design reading to anyone looking for increased self-awareness, confidence, insight and direction! Jayne puts together a thorough and thoughtful interpretation of your chart and helps you understand what human design is based on. She’s been patiently answering my questions as they come up as I integrate the insights from the report into my life. Thanks again Jayne - you rock!

Submitted by Jayne on 03/01/2021