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Transmissions With Teresa Klan Reviews

Submitted by Ian on 08/29/2020

A reading that resonates, with Teresa

When I looked over my notes after my Akashic Records reading with Teresa, I decided to put them in a place where I could look them over about once a week. It's been a wonderful discovery to find that each week, now-familiar parts of the reading seem deeper, and that other parts glow with meaning, with the passage of time & the perspective that a new week's experience brings.

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I will return for more!

I have just listened to my Akashic Records Reading for the third time, making sure I have all the juicy details of our session. As a healer myself, who also works in the quantum field, it is a delight to have a session with someone who can take me to nuances that I didn't know were still there. Teresa not only unearthed (pun intended :") wounds that were still in my field, but also released them for me with skill, respect and a clear vision of what the Guides and Ancestors were recommending. The session not only addressed my question but also started with an overview of what the Guides wanted to reveal for my benefit.

Teresa is professional, thoughtful, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to know more about themselves and interested in forward growth on this journey called life. I am deeply grateful for our session and will return for more. Thank you Teresa!

Jane Warren Campbell, BC Canada ~ www.rashana.ca

Submitted by Jane on 01/02/2021

5 Stars!

"I just had the most wonderful session with Teresa. We looked into my Akashic Records to answer some questions that I had & I totally enjoyed the experience. Teresa has a beautiful, gentle, caring energy about her. She explained the process very clearly before we began so that I was put at ease & I knew what to expect. The answers we found were very freeing & also validated to me what my journey is all about. It also helped me in deciding what direction to take in my own energy healing business. Thank you Teresa for the wonderful session! 5 stars!
Valerie Couture, Relaxation of the Soul

Submitted by Transmissions With Teresa Klan on 05/22/2020