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Posted By Soul Counsellor/Coach | Intuitive Readings | Reiki Master| Yoga Teacher on 09/05/2023

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Soul Coaching
I have collaborated all of my education, gifts and skills to offer them to you in one session!

Each session is unique as I respond to where you are at and what energy wants to come through you to be more to be more see-able, feel-able, relate-able.  Discover your personal blocks and identify your patterns to feel more alive, more colourful, more you.  I tune into the unique medicine of you and support you in identifying your personal brand of communication style with your life.  You are supported  in your becoming, through the power of your own being in a functional way through the mystical.
Welcome to your magic.

Sessions can include a combination of energy work, seated dialogue and somatic exercises including :energy clearing, upgrades and activations, deep nervous system restoration, soul retrieval aka re-membering, inner child connection, soul communication, intuitive development, dream-work, energy education, personalized meditations, and practical homework tools for deep self-care.

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Receive multifaceted support while being deeply nourished.  I tune into your body's energetic field and work organically where you are at with what wants to emerge to navigate your wellness path.  Each visit is unique and catered to your needs for a holistic embodied approach for deeply nourishing energy work.


I hold a diploma in Psychotherapy, certificates in Hypnotherapy - Life Between Lives, as Reiki Master, and Akhanda Yoga Teacher.  This includes 2 decades of teaching yoga, classes, running retreats and yoga teacher trainings in Canada, 15 years as a Reiki Practitioner including within Hospice care.

Soul Coaching
1.5 hours per session.

1)  New Beginnings - Power up.
        One Powerful session as needed.
        1 Soul Session - $180.00 gst included.

2)  Trinity Bundle
        Three Sessions for deeper mind, body and soul nourishment.
        Package of 3 - $450.00 ($150.00 each) tax included

3) Unbound - Holistic Vitality
        Two Month Container of consistent weekly support.
        Package of 8 - $960.00 ($120.00 each) tax included.

Intuitive Reiki Healing

1hr per session


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