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Posted By Chrissandra Unger - Sound Journeys, Registered Counsellor & Biofield Tuner on 04/13/2023

Biofield Tuning at 30% off - Mention SOV in your booking for the 30% discount. 

This treatment is effective online as well as in person. I've worked with clients from Manitoba to Italy to Hong Kong with amazing results. Tuning forks are used in the 6 foot field around your body to clear the disturbances we hold in our biofield anatomy and bring them into harmony.

The Biofield Anatomy Map reflects the chakras and corresponding emotions that connect with them, clearing stuck patterns that are heard as noise, into harmony once again. We can also work with the ancestral patterns we carry that no longer serve us.

Other available Biofield Treatments available:

???? SONIC MERIDIAN FLOW - weighted forks are used ON the body to stimulate a calm aliveness of relaxation and flow. The forks frequencies conduct sound vibrations directly on the skin reverberating down through the tissues and bones. Some report that it feels better and lasts longer than a massage!

???? ADRENAL RHYTHM RESET - specifically focusing on the adrenal glands in the area of the solar plexus. The Reset is beneficial for 

Please specify which treatment you prefer in the booking comments box.

For more information about Biofield Tuning and sessions, CLICK HERE or on the gold "More Details" button above, or feel free to contact me by email (chrissandra1@gmail.com). I look forward to meeting you soon in person or online.  

If you'd like more information about group tunings, please visit  contact me.  

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