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Posted By Light Within Counselling with Thayre - Psychotherapy & Spirituality on 04/11/2022

Are you interested in trying counselling and want to make sure you have found the right fit with a therapist? Finding the right fit in the therapeutic relationship is an essential part of successful therapy.

With counselling you can:

  • Improve any aspect of your life with professional support
  • Remove psychological burdens caused by past negative experiences
  • Release limitations that block you from being successful, happy, fulfilled and having what you want in life
  • Enjoy greater well-being and healthier relationships
  • Learn effective coping skills and strategies that you can use to navigate future life challenges

If you are interested in working with a therapist that can blend psychology and spirituality within sessions, then contact me for a special 50% off trial session. This offer is available for a limited time. 

You can also chat with me for a free phone consultation before booking.

I look forward to supporting you!


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