Posted By Krysty McIntyre on 07/15/2021

Covid-19 is ending! It's time for us to all anticipate the amazing return of TOUCH! Did you miss it? I bet you did! How could you not? Human beings need touch. It helps us to move toxins beneath our tissues. It helps energy flow through and out rather than being stuck inside our souls and hearts. And touch helps us feel good as human animals. Without touch, the body begins to weaken, to stagnate, to fail.

Covid-19 has been hard for us all. But it's ending as each phase opens up more and more of our society. So it's time for you to get back out there! It's time to get back to being your best self and get out into the sun and the shine and the glow of the world. It's waiting for you, anxious and anticipating you!

A great way to get ready to face the world is to experience some loving energetic healing. Right now I'm offering people a special reduced rate - $60 for ANY of my several services!

Contact me directly and let me know what you need. My modalities tool box is incredibly well stocked, and I am so ready to help you help yourself <3 This coupon is good until August 31st, 2021. Let's enjoy the Summer!

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