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Messages from the Enlightened Ones

A series of channeled messages and offerings from Beings of Light, Ascended Masters, Mythical Creatures, Angelics, Galactics, and Collectives on a range of topics. Each session is as unique as the guide and the energies they bring forth for you!

These recordings hold the energetics so it is important to utilise them like a meditation and prepare a quiet time and space to listen.  

Included in this series:

Serapis Bey on The Human Misunderstanding of Twin Flames - includes 2 processes

Mother Gaia on The New Earth - includes downloads you won’t want to miss and a gift for your heart 

Merlin on The Power of Magic - teachings and tools from Merlin. Recommended you have a crystal with you for this one 

The Great Lion, Keeper of Akasha on The Key to Yourself - guides you on different journeys to teach you how you can use these records in powerful ways

Moo Rah on The Crystals of Atlantis - includes how to find out if a crystal you own is an Atlantian crystal and what to do if it is

And many more to choose from!

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