Posted By SAHA on 11/16/2021

15-20min Free Intro Chat with Tahawa Eli for new clients. Full description on website! 

Please book on website via link. Thank you! 

Love + Blessings,

“We have had several amazing sessions now. Two days after the first one, I was talking to my sister when she stopped, looked me in the eyes and said simply, “Welcome back”. Later that same day, I talked to my niece. She texted her mother, saying “Uncle John is a new human being”. I felt like myself for the first time in about a year and the light was back in my eyes. I now have the energy and desire to do life well again and to take steps on the transformational journey I want to be on! Thank you, Eli, for your incredible intervention. It has changed my life.”

— John, 2020

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