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Posted By Hilary Hraefn Porter on 08/01/2022

:: August Love::

:: 22% off all virtual sessions (including packages and journeys!) ::

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September can be challenging as we try to ease back into the routine after the vibrancy and outward expression of the Summer months. Beginning to support your Being now, during the brilliance of the Sun, brings ease to the transition and is a balm for the discomfort that can come as we enter the shoulder season. Virtual sessions offer transitional support that can be accessed anywhere you may be during the coming month (that has an internet or phone connection, of course!).

So you can step into September ready & fully present, all virtual 1:1 sessions, journeys, and packages booked to take place or to begin in August receive the gift of 22% off.  This also includes the Tameana Quantum Cycle, Chakra Scrubs, and Reiki Duo+ sessions.

*All 1:1 sessions must be booked to occur in August. All packages or journeys, must begin in August.

*This is not applicable for workshops, events or gatherings.

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