Posted By Chase the Vibe with Joca on 10/06/2021

Early Bird Tickets $70. 

Join like minded people for a day of healing with breathwork, yoga, vegan food and dance music!

This idea has been brewing in our head for awhile. Joca has seen a few communities across the world hold similar events with great success as they bring people together and focus on spiritual healing. Over the last year he’s built close friendships with the practitioners and DJ’s guiding you on November 20th. Soon after meeting them, he shared his vision and they all wanted to be a part of it.

With all that is going in the world, the time feels right to come together in a safe and intimate space. You’ll spend the day chasing the vibe with other beautiful and like minded people at the Church of Truth Sanctuary room.

Not only is our event about community but it’s also about your body.  You’ll start off with a breathwork session to get the energy and vibrations moving guided by Pranayma Sadhana. After that you’ll move that energy around with yoga guided by Micheal Toru. Then you’ll fuel your body with vegan food from Little Piggy Catering. Click here to view the menu. This will help fuel you for 5 hours of dance to deep, melodic and progressive house music from Julien Loreto, Joca and Freya!

The event will be capped at 45 people with a maximum or 40 for the full day and an additional 5 for the dance portion of the event from 4 – 9:30 PM. Scroll down to see the schedule and to learn more about our practitioners and DJ’s. You can view ticket information here.

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