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Posted By BEMER therapy with Sue Adams on 10/26/2022

Our bodies are constantly exposed to frequencies, and some are damaging and some are healing.  Over time, chronic stress, aging, illness and injuries can impair blood flow and overall function in the microvascular system.  This has a negative effect on cellular health and all systems in the body.  A BEMER session uses healing frequencies to restore circulation levels (to time when you were younger or healthier) and this promotes deep healing throughout the entire body.  The experience is deeply relaxing, gentle and enjoyable for all ages.  If you have discomfort or pain in your body, I can focus extra energy on those areas and you may feel much happier afterward.  

Please call for an appointment, or for more details.  Your first session is COMPLIMENTARY and all I ask is that you write a review about your experience.

Phone 1-800-464-7218 (which will forward directly to me), or send an email to synergy360@shaw(dot)ca.

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