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Posted By Lighting The Path with Jennifer Regular on 05/24/2022

Do you...

Tend to avoid conflict?

Suppress your needs rather than advocate for yourself?

Doubt your decisions, feel the need to defend your choices, or have difficulty even making them?

Take critiques personally?

Feel unworthy of accepting compliments?

Feel you don’t yet have what it takes to excel in life because you need more training/credentials/skills?

Question yourself and your abilities?

Wish you were more confident?

Confidence speaks to our belief in ourselves, abilities, judgments, and decision-making. When we lack self-confidence, we face struggles that hold us back and keep us from achieving success.  However, when we possess high levels of confidence it allows us to excel in various areas of our lives. 

Get yourself a Confidence Builder! This e-course will help you develop the skills that lead to inner strength and certainty of purpose. 

This audio/video series is broken down into digestible chunks and you get to through it at your own pace.

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