Posted By Linda Pynaker: Psychic Medium, Author and International Speaker on 07/09/2021

This class is available to those who are new to trance or those who want to become more confident about connecting through trance. This will enable you to allow spirits to use your vocal chords to speak and share messages.  The purpose is for you to develop the ability to easily bring yourself in and out of trance and become confident about the messages you receive through connecting with collective spirits, spirit guides and/or loved ones in spirit through trance.


Registration is limited to 4 people, with social distancing.


Early Bird Discount by Oct. 6: $65 (incl. taxes); or Registration Fee after Oct. 6: $85 (incl. taxes)


You may register online or obtain information about how to register by e-transfer or phone at 


I am also available for private trance training sessions.  Rates for one person are $65 for 30 min., $95 for 45 min. or $120 for 60 min.  The rate for two people to share a session is $85 per person for 60 min.




It was incredible to have Linda’s guidance, support and wisdom.  It was also really exciting and fun! I am blown away by the opportunity to learn so much about trance, WOW!  Nicole K.


Thank you for helping us connect with spirits and become better aligned with the universe. This course can be life changing. Linda is amazing!  Barb 


Linda’s classes give you the instruction and confidence to develop your trance abilities.   Linda A.

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