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Posted By Aaron Yukich - Death Coach & Life Guide on 02/01/2023

We live in a society that has lost touch with one of the most meaningful times of life. The wisdom once gained from time spent amongst elders and those at the end of life has begun to fade from our collective memory, and with it the understanding of the normalcy of death. 

Death coaching empowers individuals, families and caregivers to create an atmosphere of meaning and purpose at the end of life. It's about living one's final days as fully and wholeheartedly as one desires and it's about embracing the great mystery that is life, death, and the space that lies between.

Whether you are supporting a loved one or dealing with your own health challenges, I am here to walk with you, to be curious together, and to help you find clarity and meaning.

I am a certified end-of-life doula and my services include grief support, personal empowerment, legacy work and mindfulness/meditation.

I also specialize in a therapeutic dialogue technique called BodySpeak, which works to address emotional issues and other stressors that may be causing you pain at both a mental and physical level. This offers an opportunity to better understand your internal world and develop tools for self-inquiry that help maintain clarity and calm in the face of life's challenges.

I'd be happy to share more about my services and answer any questions you may have. You can register for a free introductory session on my website at holisticguidance.ca/death-coaching, message me directly, or call/text (250) 208-0796. 

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