Posted By Windwalker: Wes Gietz on 10/20/2020 in Services

Are you carrying too much pain? 

Do you have physical issues, pain from relationships, unpleasant childhood memories -- or any of a range of discomforts?

You may have learned that the only way is to tough it out. That is not true any more! EFT, aka Tapping, is an effective, rapid, gentle and confidential path to healing.

You can have Emotional Freedom.  Good health in your body, heart and mind is your birthright.

I offer a permanent 20% discount to anyone who, like me, is chronologically gifted -- over the age of 65. Like you, I've been through a lot, and EFT has helped me leave the pain behind and find the gold in my life and the people I've travelled this journey with. I've practiced and taught EFT for 22 years.

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