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Posted By Garnet & Ki - Reiki & Energy Readings with Christina Bandara on 09/18/2022

Welcome to Garnet & Ki Reiki and Energy Reading Studio!

New to the Garnet & Ki Reiki Studio? Curious about Reiki, what it is and how it works, or energy work in general? Perhaps you just feel overworked, out of gas, and overall deflated. 

Here's a bit of excitement: all first-time clients receive a complimentary 60-minute distance reiki healing session! 


  • Because I believe those new to the studio, and those curious about reiki and energy work, should be able to wholeheartedly explore, enjoy, and experience a healing session with absolutely zero constraints or expectations attached. This free welcome session is a warm 'hello!' to all and a gift to anyone hoping to find harmony in something new, (because hey! sometimes 'new' can drastically transform our lives).  

Benefits of Reiki:

  • A safe, gentle, and non-invasive way for us to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually by restoring harmony within the body.
  • A session allows the body and mind the chance to rest without distraction, producing a deep sense of relaxation and ease of tension and stress.
  • Reiki is a restorative experience that often leaves clients feeling more peaceful, clear-minded, and lighter within themselves.
  • Reiki helps us learn how to acknowledge and listen to our intuition by promoting clarity of mind, improving focus, and building a sense of being grounded and centred.

What Is Distance Healing?                                                                                                                     

  • The benefits of reiki can still be experienced without being in the same physical space as the practitioner. This is because the practice of reiki, guiding the movement of our life force energy, is not linear or restricted by time and space. Often, the energy flows more freely when an individual is in the comfort of their own home, at ease in a familiar environment. 

What Are My Next Steps?

  • Click the link below and together we'll schedule a time for your healing session. We'll go over how it works in further detail and address any questions you have about reiki, energy work, and myself as a practitioner.
  • That's it, that's all! A free gift of healing for you to enjoy!

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