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Posted By Garnet & Ki - Reiki & Energy Readings with Christina Bandara on 11/04/2022

A TOTALLY Different Reiki Experience! 

(I hear this a lot from clients, and it's always with a giant smile). 

Here's a bit of excitement: 

All first-time clients receive a complimentary 60-minute distance reiki healing session! 

My Unique Approach:

  • I advocate for self-healing, both on and off the table. On the table, I include you in the healing process. Energy is incredibly visual for me, and so I share what I witness in your energy with you in real time. Together we navigate your energy clearing and uncover powerful, transformative insights. You have ownership in your healing. Off the table, I provide individualized tools and education to help strengthen your intuition and build-up, up the confidence to self-heal.
  • I work with many energies in addition to reiki energy, all to aid in your healing journey. Be it mediumship, animal guides, or past life attachments, any energy that presents itself vowing to serve your higher self, I work with to clear blockages.
  • I disclose everything I witness in your energy allowing you the opportunity to determine what serves you best. This means the post-table work conversation does take time- when I share everything I witness in the energy with a client though, it truly maximizes healing.
  • Your session can be as hands on as you want. If you choose to participate in your healing, that's marvellous! And if you prefer to sit, relax, and decompress on the table quietly, that's marvolous too! Your healing experience is based on you, your needs, what you are hoping to get from our time together. This is your time to heal. 

Benefits of Reiki:

  • A safe, gentle, and non-invasive way for us to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually by restoring harmony within the body.
  • A session allows the body and mind the chance to rest without distraction, producing a deep sense of relaxation and ease of tension and stress.
  • Reiki is a restorative experience that often leaves clients feeling more peaceful, clear-minded, and lighter within themselves.
  • Reiki helps us learn how to acknowledge and listen to our intuition by promoting clarity of mind, improving focus, and building a sense of being grounded and centred.

What Is Distance Healing?                                                                                                                     

  • The benefits of reiki can still be experienced without being in the same physical space as the practitioner. This is because the practice of reiki, guiding the movement of our life force energy, is not linear or restricted by time and space. Often, the energy flows more freely when an individual is in the comfort of their own home, at ease in a familiar environment. 

That's it, that's all! A free gift of healing for you to enjoy!

Contact Christina here: https://www.garnetki.com/contact.html

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