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Posted By Gemma Health & Wellness: Metabolic Solution, Reiki, Crystal Healing with Michele on 11/20/2022

Give the Gift of Healing! 

Gift Certificates for REIKI.RESTORE.RENEW healing session now available! 

Purchase a gift card at the special introductory rate of $99.00 (+GST). 

Give the gift of healing to your special someone! 

This is a purchase for One REIKI. RESTORE. RENEW healing session. 

About the gift - 

Reiki is a very gentle, soothing and deeply relaxing. It promotes a sense of self and can assist in connecting to your inner spirit. Reiki infuses the body cells with light and love, and it can help alleviate emotional and physical pain. 

Reiki treats the whole person including body-mind, emotions and spirit creating unlimited beneficial effects. Benefits may include lower blood pressure, pain and muscle tension relief, lowered anxiety, reduced fear and brain fog and a reduction in overall stress levels.

 Reiki increases inspiration and motivation, improves mental clarity, and supports full-body relaxation and inner peace. Life feels easier and more peaceful. 

The healing and growth that transpires during a Reiki Healing session can be transformational. 

Reiki and Crystal therapy healing therapy work in synergy to aid our body in re-balancing to optimize our natural healing ability. 

I will intuitively and intentionally choose crystals and a specific crystal layout that is best suited to help heal, renew and provide comfort within the person's unique energy field and body. 

During treatment, I will share the Reiki energy by a gentle laying of hands-on or just above or around the body and energy field. 

I will share any intuitive messages I receive from Spirit, we will draw an Oracle card or two if that feels right and a gift of Crystals will be given to take home. 

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