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Posted By The Cosmic Messenger on 05/17/2022

(Track 2) From 'New Gaia Majestic Meditations - Activations Album'

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Through the veil of forgetting we are separated from our multi-dimensional selves & programmed to believe that we are only 3D beings with 1 physical life to live.
That is the land of mass matrix illusions & this meditation-activation is here to be a catalyst for our radiant being to realize our true nature that is we are multidimensional beings having a spiritual experience 1st & everything else in the multi-verse follow suit.
The more we embody the multi-dimensional self, the more we activate our inner wisdom, unlock our freedom/sovereignty templates & are no longer relying on the mainstream narratives to take care of us. Abundance flows much easier, we can perform quantum self healing, we tap into the deep regions of our creativity & stand in our personal power centers.
The multidimensional-self teaches us to operate from the central heart, becoming confident in sharing our divine truths & metaphysical happenings with the galaxies at large, no longer afraid to hide them away in fear of being ridiculed. We see through illusions easier, our ego's get re-calibrated, reality becomes expansive & ultra-magical.
Natural law becomes the foundation of our existence, as we call forth the particles of universal life force energy to dance around us permanently.
This meditation-activation is primed for us come into contact with our multi-dimensional existence so we can assist the collective uprising & massively elevate our divine experiences wherever we roam in the cosmos. Returning to a stellar place of never forgetting again who we are, what we are & where we come from.
*Recommended usage: weekly or/& on monthly power numerology days: 11's / 22's

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