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Posted By Hilary Hraefn Porter on 09/07/2022

In the spirit of Community Acupuncture, these sessions are a way to help make healthcare accessible while also empowering you within your own personal healing journey.

:: Healing for Humanity ::

Second Tuesday of Every Month - Sept 13 :: Oct 11 :: Nov 15 :: Dec 13

:: 60/90 minute Full Spectrum Healing Sessions ::

virtual via Zoom 


in-person at The Star Temple - 550 - 2950 Douglas St, Victoria BC (within Evergreen Business Services)

sliding scale :: $88 - $133

Sessions of Consciousness bring clarity into the layers of your Becoming. They offer frequency shifts to align your physical with your spiritual Divine Self, bringing in resonance that can be felt as a sense of Home within one Self. They bring in the layers of Knowing and lead you back to the places of remembering what it is like to be you, to be the frequency that feels clear and deep. They can offer moments of breathing, of transmuting unwanted patterns, of releasing fear and inviting  in blissful states of connection to the Divine. 

Modalities that can join us to bring ease, insight, and moments of your deepest breath include Esoteric/TCM based acupuncture, Esoteric & Western Herbalism, tuning forks, puo'shk i'a ni Tameana, Crystal healing, vibrational elixirs, lifestyle & nutrition guidance, Reiki+, Intuitive messaging, Light Language Encodings, and oracle divination.

*As I'm a licensed acupuncturist, in-person sessions that include acupuncture may be covered in full or part by Extended Benefits. As each provider is different, please check with your provider for coverage amounts & other requirements.

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