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Posted By The Cosmic Messenger on 05/17/2022

(Track 1) From 'New Gaia Majestic Meditations - Activations Album'

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Our lightbody is with us everywhere we journey, even when we incarnate. Some of us can see it (or portions of it), however most cannot at this quantum time, yet we can all feel it's cosmic sensations in the energetic relams.

Its a spiritual masterpiece co-creation that bring metaphysical vibrations into our bio-suits (bodies) so we can accelerate our 12 stand DNA growth (beyond it), assimilate our subtle bodies (astral twin/higher self/etheric double, essence self) & be able leave the planet at will with our bodies intact. It is made up of light, color, sacred geometry, sound & energy.
The lightbody carries the gridwork for our advanced nervous system, hara line, core star, extra sensory perception-abilities & next level immunity. With it our bodies can live over 800 solar years (Earth time). Its the housing of our soul so we can animate these sentient human bodies while being able to access the akashic records (cosmic internet) of our oversoul blueprints, communicate with our spirit guides/trans-dimensionals & heal galactic timelines.
This meditation-activation is primed for us come into contact with our lightbody, tune it up & illuminate it so bright we can share the lightcodes with our star brothers/sis-stars of Earth/Tara/Gaia.
*Recommended usage: Weekly or/& on the 4 cardinal points (Spring/Fall Equinoxes - Summer/Winter Solstice's).

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