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Posted By Yohanna Hestler - Intuitive Energy Healer on 09/05/2022

I am so excited to share my new healing space ... that all modalities done in person will be 10% OFF through the months of September and October!! 

If you are feeling out of sorts, need some help grounding, getting back into your body or help releasing that which is holding you down or back ... Intuitive Energy Massage is just the thing ... working with my guides and healers, I am intuitive guided to work on your body and where you need the most help. I am also given messages and information that is for your highest good. 

I also offer Chakra Balancing - Emotion Code Healing - Guided Meditation - Stretching + Movement. All modalities are done fully clothed under a blanket. 

All are Welcome. I do not discriminate.

Please contact me directly or book online. I look forward to being of assistance in your healing. https://squareup.com/appointments/book/g6havp99nmdxkx/9DXM77QA404VB/services

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