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Posted By Yohanna Hestler - Intuitive Energy Healer on 01/12/2023

We are now in 2023 which is the universal number 7. Interested what personal year you are in, or what it means? Curious to know what your destiny number is or how your numbers affect your life, why you are here & your purpose? But lets take a deeper look and see how you express yourself in the world by the name you use. Do you have multiple nicknames? That creates different vibrations for each name you have ... and this can be affecting your relationships. What are your challenges? What can you do to shift or change things? Awareness is the beginning! 

A FULL Numerology Consultation is $70. I do it over zoom so it is recorded. There is lots of information and I love to share how your numbers can and are affecting your life! New Year Special only on until the end of February.

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