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Posted By Sacred Silence with Angel Jury on 12/09/2021

Are you and your friends a bit mystic and would like to know more about using your own intuition?  Why not host your own private psychic development party?  You and your friends can have an afternoon ( or evening) of fun by learning mystic things.  This 2-hour party will have you diving deep into your own intuition, divination tools, and exercises to improve your own psychic development.

Your host Angel will customize your party to your needs and desires.  She will entertain your group (3 to 12 people) with wisdom, knowledge, and exercises to help you intact with your higher self.  This party can be done virtually or in-person, only if all participants are double vaccinated and can produce their passports.   Contact Angel - Sacred Silence today for more details. 

3 to 6 People - $50 per person

7 to 12 People - $40 per person


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